Layered cake with biscuits Raphael

Submitted by enr on 22 Jul 2013
500 g biscuits BREAKFAST (one large and one small packet)
200 ml milk + 2-3 tbsp sugar - dipping biscuits
rum essence optional
# For the cream :
300 ml cream confectionery
125 g butter
200 g white chocolate
400 g sour cream
about 50 g coconut
# To decorate:
candy Raphael
Layered cake with biscuits Raphael
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For the cream: Beat the first cream snow. In the court in a water bath on the stove, melt the butter with crushed white chocolate and stir until homogeneous. Once cool, add to sour cream (gradually) and confuse good. The resulting cream mix with cream shattered snow spoon on spoon (carefully, so as not to cross). Finish the taste of cream with 5-6 tbsp desiccated coconut and mix gently. If desired, add powdered sugar to taste. Brush the bottom of a baking dish with tail lift, diameter of 24-25 cm, with a bit of cream. Each biscuit soak in a mixture of sweetened milk and rum flavor (I have not put). Arrange row biscuits, cream and alternate stocks last, you finish with cream. Wrap the cake in the refrigerator overnight. The next day, remove the cake and carefully remove the board form. Sprinkle with plenty of coconut and make a decoration of sweets Raphael. cut the cake with a warm knife, will serve as the perfect pieces.
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22 Jul 2013
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Pepi, very, very seductive photos !! :) This will be the next cake that will do ... but after the sea :) :)!

Thank you, Nelly! The cake is very, very nice! I came across it by chance and if you know how long and I'm going! :)

Pepi, bravo! The cake looks gorgeous! And the recipe sounds delicious :)

Thank you, Reni! Say you do not fulfill your promises? :)

Pepi, already in favorites to waiting line :)

I've made this cake set in the source site, even commenting there. The cake is great. Cream little changed, but in general the same. Happens with milk chocolate, but will flee from pure white. I used biscuits Petit beurre. Easy cake, very tasty. Except wait all night to take the biscuit ... :). Neveroyane flavor! :)

Girls, I'm glad that you approve the recipe! :) Iliana properly noticed that the cream has changed. I decided to prepare for our taste and get a very good :). And your idea of ​​milk chocolate is very opposite to the standard cake Raphael, but why not ... Raphael chocolate! :)

And how great shape?

I I worked on it in the form of 24 cm.

Iliana, thank you for your reply for me! :) I used shape with a diameter of 25 cm.

Thanks to the rapid inclusion girls put that statement in the recipe itself.

Pepi, keep this recipe for a special event, but as soon there will be no one decided at last to do :), while at home and asked me in a special dessert and decided this is the cake !! :) recipe justified ochakvaniyatya me! Incredibly delicious cake and a cream ... I have not got words-light, fluffy and scary *gentle* taste! :) This is our favorite cake!

Thank you for the confidence Nelly! And if the cake has become a favorite, it's evaluation 6+! Enjoy your meal! :) :) :)

Nelly, her wonderfully decorated! It is high time I make her (his long waiting lines) :)

Rennie, do not delay much:) The cake is great, and quickly prepared :)! Pepi, the assessment is really 6+ :)!

Pepi, we have not tried it, only the cream until it is assembled :) And he is ... incredible! It certainly has become one of my favorite cream cakes! Tomorrow will cut the shares and the outcome (expected my older) :)

Once again, Happy Holidays, Reni be very happy! You chose the most appropriate cake :) :) :)

Thanks, Pepi! I never hesitate about choosing the cake :) For wedding anniversary, you can not not Raphael :) :) The cake is gorgeous (fully justified my expectations)! I admit that I made a cake (I trust that in our neighborhood store will have biscuits *Breakfast*, but alas, had done). Many thanks for shared recipe! (All) :)

Reni, happy anniversary! I wish you to have eternal love and celebrate with cake *Raphael* to a ripe old age!

Villas, wonderful wishes! :) Thank you!

Do you sweet heart, Reni! :)

recipe is great, goes to Favorites!

Thank you, vkusnahapka! :)

The cake was very tasty. Pozdarvaleniya the author for the recipe! :)

Thank you, Miroslava! :) Congratulations to you, as the executor of the recipe! :)

This is now my favorite biscuit cake. Many thanks for the recipe.

Stanislava, in turn, I thank you for your trust! :)

Cake is wonderful and very easy.

Vera21, I'm glad you were happy! :)

is great! And mostly very easy and quick to prepare. :)

looks great cake, sazdov1980! :)

One of my favorite cakes. Very easy, fast, juicy and delicious. Mine is with homemade candy. I cut because it was a gift.

And we are one of the favorite cakes! Ros_iv, thank you! :)

cake became great. Cream is very gentle and delicious straight melts in your mouth :) Thanks for the recipe perunika.

Zlate, as I wrote in the Face: great cake you did! Hope and home have been happy! :) Sunday is Shrove Sunday, a day of forgiveness, our city has a tradition to wear cakes sponsors. So we come to the word: Saturday will meet three families was arranged that no three cakes ... but the day will definitely be sweet and very caloric :) :) :). Next week, however, March 8 to prepare and think I Raphael biscuits - love her! :)

Thank you perunika :) The cake became great because the recipe is great and the cream just fantasy. Was highly appreciated by all home :)

Delicious cake! Pepi and this time not with cookies (I did it with ladyfingers) :) Do not sprinkled with coconut (my niece did not like it much) and so I decked with white chocolate and cookies.

Uauuu great looks, Reni! Enjoy your meal! :)

Pepi, thanks! :) Cake long waiting line and is now ready! Tonight happy household with a delicious cake. ;) As I assembled worried that I would not get the cream. Supposedly only tried it! ;) I apologize for decoration, not candy Raphael as shown. The decoration is availabilities cabinet. I think that would not be fatal to the taste of the cake, everything else I respected! :)

Well done, Bobby, great cake was received! Of course, there is nothing fatal in the decoration you definitely taste is the most important! I'm sure you'll agree! Enjoy your meal :)

All in houses like! :)

I made a cake with biscotti, cookies instead (using existing products). Became much more juicy, biscuits definitely changed the taste. Personally, I definitely recommend options with crackers :)

Hello! I made the cake! Great taste! I made it with Homeland biscuits with butter and 200 ml cream. Easy and fast! I do not even waited overnight in the fridge! I left her three hours and then decked.

Saska proposal with biscuits Homeland sounds interesting and very, very tasty! Will definitely try them, I'm glad that you was delicious!

What should be the size of the form, if it is rectangular?

I have made with biscuits, but not breakfast, but more of the tiny. And the cream added to a packet of iced coffee. It was *as true*. :) Little negligee from to decorate, but my ugly duckling tastes swan. Thanks for the recipe.

Pepi, this time made it for the birthday boy! For a loved one ... favorite cake :) :);)! Is great! :)

Happy birthday, Nelly! Enjoy your meal! Greetings and if you stay a bit, surely call me :)

Thanks, Pepi! :) :)