Black Forest cherry layered cake

Submitted by enr on 15 Aug 2009
# For the base:
140 g dark couverture
75 g butter
6 eggs
180 g sugar
100 g flour
50 g starch
2 tsp baking powder (equal)
# For the filling :
800 g cherries (fresh or stewed)
500 ml juice from cherries
4 tbsp starch (equal)
100 ml distillate cherry
800 ml cream
30 g vanilla sugar
# To decorate:
candied cherries
100 g of dark chocolate grated
Black Forest cherry layered cake
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For the base: couverture and the butter is melted together in a water bath. During this time, the egg whites were separated from the yolks. Heat the oven to 175 C. Whip snow. Egg yolks with the sugar is broken foam. Mix flour and baking powder. In the yolks pour the melted couverture by beating until cool down. Insert the egg white snow, stirring gently. The flour was added by sifting and stirred gently to mix. The mixture is poured into a form with a hinged edge and bake for 45 minutes. Allow to cool on a grid, and then divided into three the base. For the filling and preparation: Starch is diluted in 3-4 tbsp of juice. The remaining juice is boiled, put it fuzzy starch, boil again, put cherries, boil one minute and remove from heat. As cool down is added 1/2 of cherry distillate. With the other half is sprinkled Trita the base. Cherry mixture is spread over two the base, allow to cool and bodily gel. During this time the cream was stirred with vanilla sugar. First base with cherries put in Plateau, smeared with 1/4 of the cream, put it second base cherries are also smeared with 1/4 of the cream. Cover with the last base, cake smeared everywhere with 1/4 of the cream. The remaining 1/4 is placed in a syringe and extruded florets on which pierce candied cherries. In the middle of the cake (and maybe the walls) is dusted grated dark chocolate. Cool before serving.
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15 Aug 2009


Ina, a little late, but better late than never:-) Good luck to you sweet! Oh, and put pictures if you do.

Eee, this cake if her eat alone again-well :) Thanks for the recipe Rally!

Many tasty cakes Rally bravo! May you find time for it :)

Thanks for the recipe. Little to pozahladi time and life and health, will do. There will always be occasion.

this cake is amazing. deserves to make it.

is wonderful. Made me her about the birthday of my daughter. Will get a picture

Denny, I'm glad you liked the cake, and the photos are very beautiful! Bravo!

The cake is super, upload a photo.

The recipe is very nice! Put sour cherries instead. Taste - after try the cake

ma_rri_na, congratulations for the beautiful cake! Very gentle and spring color. And those chocolate butterflies are simply exquisite.

ma_rri_na, this is a work of art!

Marina, dear, great beauty you create! Very interesting style you have, in their own way. Even as he saw the picture and know that this is your work! Everything you do is tempting! I hope the cake is justify your expectations!

Very tasty !!!Not in vain this cake is appreciated so long in history. Unobtrusively sweet, can well to distinguish the combination of slightly sour cherries, the bitterness of the chocolate couverture and the softness of the cream. All this makes it the least compelling. Quote one of gostenkite- silent, eat and enjoy :). Blooms should represent Sakura - Japanese Cherry color, but this is my first attempt at modeling so that *emphasized* and something I've done before - chocolate butterflies.

The cake is great! I did it with sour cherries (for lack of cherries) and many of my family liked. Will get a picture, but look what beauty has created not know if this is where my picture :)

I am happy that you liked the cake :) As for the photo - will be glad to see how it is received :)

I love this cake! In the home version I had not tried, but never too late! :) I used ready-made cake and a cream melted chocolate! For my taste, get a little more sweet than I wanted, but I'm definitely very pleased with the end result! :)

It looks very tasty! Could you tell me where I can get hold of cherry distillate and if I find what I can replace him? Thanks in advance!

Boryana not know whether Bulgaria is possible to find this shavrtsvaldski distillate, which is used for cake. I would personally replace with vishnovka - true, less is in color, but this should not be a problem. Cherry distillate is clear as vodka-flavored cherries. Upload photos to get an idea :)

Thank you for the quick response. My husband is German, but I live in BG. He was adamant that he would have to Bulgarise less, and in the preparation of Kezekuhen (for lack of a finished product). It crossed my mind to vishnovkata, but hopefully some of those who have already prepared a cake to share what is used because I saw another question is asked. Keep us rejoice with new goodies!

Well, it was interesting to me, what Bulgarising kezekuhen (cheesecake)? I far as I know, BG has all the products that are used here in Germany for its construction. There is a difference between British, American and German version. Germans are baptized cake Sirenyav not because they are prepared with cheese, but because ready-made cake resembles a cake and popcorn texture is like a type of cheese. When transferred abroad name was translated literally and curd respectively replaced with fresh cheese. Now alcohol in the current recipe - if you can not decide what to replace it, you can order the original - many online stores delivering in BG. I hope one of the girls who make it, engage and share what they replaced :) As you decide you want to get a delicious cake - and you all sweet home :)

Since I am makes this cake, cherry swapped distillate liqueur Cherry - with a lower degree and quite sweet, maybe with vishnovka but naturally vishnovkata must be made in advance :).

Thank you to answer me!