Coconut cake with cream

Submitted by enr on 05 Feb 2012
5 eggs
320 g sugar
8 g of flour (1 tbsp)
200 g coconut
120 g of milk
125 g butter
Base: 5 egg white is broken down into the snow. To these are added 200 g of sugar, flour and coconut. Bake in moderate oven in a baking dish with a diameter of 25 cm. Cream: yolks, 120 g of sugar and milk, mix thoroughly. Cream thicken over low heat. To this was added the butter. The cream is applied on up the cold base. On top sprinkle with colored coconut or chocolate balls.
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05 Feb 2012


Petya, *1 p. Oil* probably *1 packet of butter,* but how many grams? 125, 250? For swamps - it probably should proteins to break with sugar and then add the flour and coconut. In what form bake the cake - greased, floured?

125 g butter. Sugar can not quite melted mixing with whites. Flour is quite small and there is no problem to be taken. Adding coconut gets a very sheer white mixture like cream. I use baking heart-shaped (about 25 cm diameter) as it only butter. Very light pastry is obtained.