Divine chicken with vegetables in the oven

Submitted by enr on 30 Nov 2014
1 chicken - about 1 kg or more
12-15 large potatoes
2 large heads celery and green optional
1-2 heads white turnips
2 heads parsnips
5 large carrots
10 onions
500 g porcini mushrooms
100 g small mushrooms optional
parsley, rosemary, other spices such as thyme or sage optional
1 lemon
50-70 ml white or red wine
700 ml chicken broth
# For sealing a clay vessel or pot:
flour, water and salt
First peel thin vegetables - parsnips, turnips and celery. Cut in half and cut the middle in large pieces. Celery should be a bit more thinly sliced. Peel the carrots and onions and cut them also in large pieces. Wash porcini and other mushrooms and cut them again in large pieces. Chopped herbs in small piecesers, leaving only a rosemary sprigs. We choose a large container, about 610 liters of clay or something else appropriate. Greased with olive oil inside the walls. Put the first bottom onions, vegetables in a row, chopped herbs, salted with at least 2-3 teaspoons of salt, pour the olive oil - as you like wine. Then with a spoon or hands Knead everything. We take the chicken, cut off the head and feet - in the event that home. Cut and end of the wings. Salting from inside the chicken. We take the lemon, which is well washed, cut it almost in half, pinning the rosemary in the sheet and insert into the cavity of the chicken. Put the finished chicken casseroles and pressing, so to take well in vegetables. Pour the broth, which may be from a cube or another bird, pre-cooked. Sandwiching the lid. On the other ingredients make dough dead - because no yeast. Getting into the flour with a little water and salt and Knead well. Blurred open between lid and pot - about 4-5 cm wide and if there is a hole in the lid and it blocked. Top smearing flour lightly by hand, greased with olive oil. So everything inside will be steamed. Put the pot in a strongly heated oven for about 40-50 minutes or until the dough is black as charcoal. If you put in an ordinary oven bake more - about an hour. I guarantee you it will be very tasty after open it. Opens after the break off the dough with a knife or other solid object. Chicken on top is very constipated and bottom swim in vegetables. * I present to you an easy recipe that is great for any celebration, full of vitamin vegetables. * I loved as a way of baking. You can choose to do in the crock with a lid in the oven or in the same container in the oven and it very nice, chicken crumble while it serves as a lovely cooked. You can make this dish with different amounts of vegetables, please. If you add other vegetables will become your meal.
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30 Nov 2014
Ljubomir Stanisic - 24 Kitchen