Layered cake with croissants and cream

Submitted by enr on 10 Sep 2011
1 ready base, may sponge
2 croissants
150 g dry cream
1 liter milk
150 g sugar
50 g melted butter
20 g gelatin
# For the glaze:
200 g jam of your choice, it was my cherry
100 ml juice compote
10 g gelatin
Layered cake with croissants and cream
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The base is placed in the form of a mobile bed. Boil the milk with the sugar and add the cream diluted with a little water. Add melted butter and stir again. Both packets are added gelatin, previously dissolved in a water bath, and the cream is mixed. Croissants are cut into pieces and put on the base. The finished cream is poured gently on the croissants and leave in refrigerator to harden for 3-4 hours. The glaze is prepared as sweet compote and juice diluted and added previously dissolved in a water bath gelatin. The glaze is poured over cream and leave overnight in the refrigerator to harden nice.
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10 Sep 2011


how gelatin is distributed as in the recipe are marked only 2 packets, but the description in May were plenty - 2 packets in the cream and icing for 1 or 1: 1

I apologize now saw that at the bottom is more marked 1 packet gelatin. Now aircraft. Clear. Will make it possible to report

it with all kinds of creams, starches, pudding

Very nice cake - effective, light and pleasant taste!

bravo renito ideal has become

Thank you, petqanabel! I especially liked the glaze (not only it :) - unless, that is delicious and is very beautiful.

Petya, your recipe is great and I like Reni I am delighted by the icing! It was a very beautiful dessert!

bravo to you, I'm glad that you like

Big cake, Petya! This time I made it exactly the cream, which you showed in the picture. Very tasty happened! When I poured croissants with cream (do not wait until thickened), they float to the top :), so greased cake with cream pastry Dr. Oetker (to catch) :) Many thanks for the great recipe!

I am glad that you liked the photo is unique with this pineapple looks superb

What size is the form?

here got me close, I do not know how big it is, but as I had bought it marks 28 clearly daimetara this

Thanks for the quick response. And another care-filled croissants you are?

be filled are optionally any

Girls made a cake for my birthday and everyone loved it. I was really worried because of the gelatin, but it was in vain. Very very delicious cake! Only made it into the small form (23 cm.), But next time will make her the most, he did not go. Will necessarily have more repetition and improvisation in the decoration. Great cake!

I'm glad to be like me sweet things very difficult for me to give, decorate sweet things too