Orange cream with mascarpone

Submitted by enr on 29 Nov 2010
5 yolks
500 ml orange juice (4 oranges)
200 g sugar
30 g cornstarch
2 g gelatin
150 g feta cheese Mascarpone
50 g of powdered sugar
3 tbsp orange liquor
# For decoration:
1 tangerine
3-4 tbsp pomegranate seeds
Put to boil 100 ml water with 100 g of sugar and orange peel for about five minutes. Then add the juice from the oranges and filter everything. Separately, beat egg yolks with the remaining sugar and starch sifted. Add the juice, not too hot, stir and return to low heat until thickened. Stir constantly. Pull off the fire and add soaked in water and squeezed gelatine well, and liqueur. Allow to cool. In separate bowl, beat the mascarpone with icing sugar. Divide the orange cream of two and one half add the mascarpone. In appropriate glasses (type of sundae) to fill half with orange cream. On it up with mascarpone cream. Store in the refrigerator, but cover each cup with nylon kitchen. In presenting decorate with sliced ​​tangerines and a few grains of pomegranate.
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29 Nov 2010


Many sablazitelno sounds this dessert. Will test it these days. Thanks for the recipe.