Salted pancake layered cake with tuna

Submitted by enr on 15 Feb 2012
6 pancakes
500 g mayonnaise
200 g yoghurt
100 ml marinade pickles
2 pickled cucumbers (gherkins)
150 g tuna (drained)
100 g corn, canned
100 g fresh peas, blanched
2 boiled eggs
1 carrot
200 g feta cheese Gouda, grated
1/4 tsp pepper
Salted pancake layered cake with tuna
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Mix mayonnaise, strained milk marinade, pepper and salt . Beat well until complete melting of the salt. The sauce should be slightly saltier than what you like, because other products are unsalted. pickles cut into cubes, eggs and grated carrot. All products were prepared separately. In a tray put the first pancake smeared with 2 tbsp sauce generously measured, sprinkle half the cheese and half pickles. Place a second pancake smeared with 2 tbsp sauce, distributed tuna nakasanana finely and sprinkle half carrot. Insert the third pancake smeared with 2 tbsp sauce, sprinkle grated egg. Applied fourth pancake, put 2 tbsp of sauce and sprinkle corn and peas. Insert the fifth pancake smeared also with 2 tbsp sauce and distributes the second half of the cheese, carrots and pickles. Cover with a sixth pancake and cake smeared all the rest of the sauce. Allow to harden in the refrigerator. The taste is best to stand for 1 day. Decorate optional before skidding to fades or darkens decoration. * Fish can be passaged with 3/4 of the sauce and is applied to each layer. The sauce becomes grayish, but very tasty. With the remaining 1/4 of the sauce, which is left white cake is spread on top and sides. * filling products are indicative and may be fit according to taste - as their type and quantity. * My Paiute pancakes in a pan of 22 cm. If you make more pancakes, increase the products. * For many tuna is unthinkable without onions. Can be put in one of the layers or be shredded in the sauce.
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15 Feb 2012


Many beautiful cake! I'm sure the taste is also great. Bravo!

delight for the eyes, but I'm sure it is for the palate! Great arrangement, Raleigh, and only you can do. This Chinese cabbage with scallops with magic pearls you are?

Thank you, darlings! :) Nelly, an exotic flower had to resemble ... But like a puppy (You know, those from the garden) :) A little while ago I ordered 2 for Friday will see there is no hints in the decoration :)

mystery I have in mind a shame, I apologize ...

wonderful performance and arrangement!

Lick three times :) weekend will surely try. Beauty decoration, cake looks like some underwater sea flower.

This time the client exactly these strange flowers of chicory that they liked the most, and without pickles. I replaced them in the recipe with marinated baby-corn and in the decoration just missed.

Wow, Rally-great beauty! Bravo! I can not check on them-I will me pity to spoil such beauty ...

It is really very beautiful, and certainly so delicious! Real fantasy ...

Wow, wow, so nice products in one place! Yummy!

What beauty and what colors it straight fairy tale!

Thank you all for the nice words! I mean, that appetizer is very tasty, without affecting the appearance.

The cake is great! Perfect appetizer for any drink! The combination of products makes it very light and delicious! I did it faithfully in this manner, the only change is that I used plain cheese. Prepared your recovery information today at noon and was worried whether it will tighten until the evening, but it was perfect. Do not put a photo in front of the beautiful flower because of my rally faded decoration. This, of course we do not want to eat her sweet, sweet.

Milenka, very glad, my dear, that appetizer your fancy! This can be heard :) Good appetite and your meal :)