Spinach sauce with almonds pasta, lasagna and pizza

Submitted by enr on 22 Feb 2011
250 g fresh spinach
100 ml cream (approximately)
150-200 g sheep brined feta cheese or 200 g fresh feta cheese with herbs
2 cloves garlic
50 g almonds
pepper, salt
2-3 tbsp parsley, chopped
Spinach sauce with almonds pasta, lasagna and pizza
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Spinach is ideal washed and put in a saucepan wet. Cover and leave on low heat to settle. Slegnatiyat spinach pour the cream and passaged for several seconds (may be sliced ​​very, very finely and then he added cream). The resulting sauce is boiled and seasoned with salt, pepper and parsley. The feta cheese is crushed and put in sauce (cream or put a few parts), boil for about a minute, stirring. Remove from heat and Cover with a lid until the feta cheese is melted. Insert the garlic, blending, and stir again. * The resulting sauce can be served immediately with pasta, as sprinkled with almonds, baked in advance with a dry pan. * With the sauce can be made lasagna, as used or only this sauce, or combined with bechamel. Almonds (roasted) is sprinkle each layer except the top. * The stretched pizza dough is coated with the sauce, sprinkle with grated cheese of your choice and sprinkle with plenty of raw almonds. * The sauce is sufficient for 3 servings of pasta for 2 large pizzas or 1 pizza in the original tray from the oven, lasagna shaped 30x30 need approximately twice as much, if not used bechamel. * Can also be used frozen spinach leaves, which after thawing not stew and directly passaged. If you use frozen spinach, which is already chopped and mixed with cream / cream (Rahmspinat), after thawing him decide whether any cream. Can directly be boiled and seasoned. * If the sauce chance is rare, can be thickened or even feta cheese, or 1 tbsp starch mixed into a few tbsp of water.
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22 Feb 2011


This sauce can be garnished, and poached eggs or chicken fillets. Very tasty!

Yes, it is. I have not thought to try it with other foods. But I have it from the pan robbery with a mouthful of bread and again I was very tasty;-)

Stasi recipe began to swallow often in vain, ha ha no mestse our taste, no day where you can not eat pasta! Thanks will try as soon as possible. ,, Tsari quiet, calm!