Creamy chicken in pancake

Submitted by enr on 11 Nov 2010
10-15 pancakes
500 g chicken
300 g mushrooms
200 g bacon
150 g boiled corn
3-4 pickles
200 g sour cream
5 triangles processed cheese
150 g of cheese
salt, pepper
1 cup white wine
# For the marinade:
1 tbsp soy sauce
1 tbsp olive oil or sunflower oil
3-4 cloves garlic
2 tbsp yogurt
Creamy chicken in pancake
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Chicken cut into small cubes, products marinade and stir with her bay meat, place in a closed container and allowed to stand in the cold for several hours (the longer, the better, since the marinade is almost entirely the chicken and it becomes very juicy and tender). Pancakes fry and put aside. I personally use the recipe on the site for pancakes with yogurt, but can be made and traditional pancakes with fresh milk. In a heated pan without oil put the diced bacon, he put fat and after pozaparzhi, thereto are added sliced ​​mushrooms, add salt and lightly seasoned with pepper, put it a glass of white wine and after the mushrooms soften, in the pan and add the chicken with the marinade. Stew about 15 minutes after the chicken is almost ready, put the corn, processed cheese, cream and chopped dill (a few sprigs). Season with pepper. The pickles are cut into slices and then taking off the stove, add to the pan. After a few minutes the dish is trying to taste and if necessary add salt, but should be careful, since in a marinade of soy sauce chicken there, which is savory and the bacon and processed cheese also contain salt, pickles flavor further, so salt is placed Finally, if left unsalted. The mixture is applied on the finished pancakes that are rolled up and placed next to each other in a well-greased tray advance. Sprinkle with plenty of grated cheese and baked in the oven to melt cheese and lightly browned. Serve with a glass of cold white wine or beer.
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11 Nov 2010


As soon will have it ready izglezhada me great.

I hope you like it, be prepared quite quickly and my guests liked them very much.

I have a question - cloves garlic goals you put or bruised?

crushed or finely to feel better flavor them, but if you do not like garlic you can put a whole or just skip them.

Thanks for the reply and the recipe! Guess how delicious. I hope soon to enjoy it!

Milencha remains only one NAZDRAVE and you post a pancake here :)

Well, cheers with a chilled beer or wine (who loves anything)! You sweet!

several times already and they do not fascinate few friends with them. Thank you for the great recipe :)

And I thank you that you trust my recipe. It is wonderful that it is liked by your guests.

Nice recipe! And is not it a little sour from sour cream?

No, it is not. The cream did not acidic. Combines well with other products. At least to us at home we like. I've done it for guests and they also praised the outcome.

I'm sure is delicious! Making it, will share the outcome ... it to these products and moccasin to put a man would still be yummy ... :) Just kidding, of course!

I make the recipe several times and very enjoyable. Not only the first time I liked that the meat was as it cooked. Now zaparzhih added mushrooms and meat with the marinade, let it be sealed and then added wine. Meat became so incredibly fragile.

great savory meat-did it with small changes-used instead of chicken and rabbit meat because I had stayed a little bechamel anointed him pancakes before they put cheese. I have not done pancakes because I had a package ready. Peko in the halogen oven at 180 degrees until cheese is browned, about 15-20 moments ..Firmly remains a favorite and will be prepared for the future. Very suitable for guests, prepare a very easy and very fast

I'm glad you like the recipe! The idea with the rabbit is very interesting. I also already bake in the halogen oven is faster and tastier.