Home filo pastry Diana

Submitted by enr on 09 Apr 2013
500 g flour
1/2 cup olive oil (sunflower oil)
200 ml lukewarm water
about 125-150 ml carbonated water
2 tbsp vinegar
1 tsp salt and sugar
starch sharpening peel
Home filo pastry Diana
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Home-made pastry really takes a little longer, but their wonderful taste justify it. Furthermore, it is so difficult, it requires desire, obstinacy and patience. Since the products a soft paste, flour can absorb more. I gave tentative 500 After preparing the dough we divide it into three or more balls wrapped in fresh foil to relax or * dies * dough about 30 minutes. Makes it softer and facilitates the process of sharpening. After that time take a ball and place on a floured surface, in my case starch. Starch helps sheet skate sharpening in this way and my grandmother, and sheet were always as cigarette paper. Always use a thin rolling pin that helps flattening until thick are denser test (eg. Tartrate). Tochim in the form of a circle, sprinkled with starch always to not stick and tear, turning sheet being careful to keep the round form. After achieving the desired thickness wound onto the rolling pin, again inside the starch must be present to not stick and in this way, carried on the tray, and leaves should be larger than the tray to cover the walls and and seal the filling inside. I put inner sheet only when the filling is liquid to absorb part of the excess liquid, they are also more cheese, while the upper and lower crispy, thanks to vinegar and soda. Top in the same way cover with remaining crust and seal the surplus from the lower crust. These peels use them for salt (banitsa spinach, banitsa with cheese), and the cookies (apple, pumpkin pie) variations. Like the cookies rolled into thin sheet sprinkled with sunflower oil and the filling and roll up into a roll and wrapped into a snail transfer into a greased tray. Good luck to all who will try!
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09 Apr 2013


Bravo! This is mastery! Congratulations!

Villas, thanks for so warm words. My mother in law is Greek, and always according to her I'm 10 ... kata me because I like everything that has to do with dough ... when looking for a job or make cakes or pastry roll out or something ... just master pastry ...Thanks again!

Very nice and detailed description for rolling out the pastry, which I have not found anywhere. Bravo for the recipe and photos, as well as the outcome.

great explanation about making filo pastry. Thank you very much. Just have a question, what exactly starch use for flattening?

clover, thank you for your evaluation and flattering words. Starch does not matter what it is, the question is no flavors and sugar. I use corn-flaur purpose. It prepare sauce *Bechamel* puddingta that seasoning as desired.

Marina, thank you from the heart!

Thanks very much, will oopitam them prepared this time I hope to get.

Dianka, many thanks for the recipe! :) :) :)With almost everything deal, but shaping of sheet ... :( Maybe because Mom (God rest her soul! ) Sharpening perfect pie crusts and it melted in the mouth. I'm missing only was eating with pleasure and never learned to grind. I had 1-2 unsuccessful attempts and gave up - I went to the trick - ready peel. You turned me again and I will try your method and proportions.
Just to add to the flattening of the memories of my mom. Once the dough, tore it and formation of balls smashing between the palms of small (diameter 7-8 cm) tortillas. Putting one over the other 2 rolls - among them sprinkled with flour and top sashto- on floured table. Covered with a cotton cloth and let them rest. After about 15-20 minutes Roll. Roll out pastry also covered with cloth, not dried. Ah, memories ...
Once again blagodarsko me! :)

flowers, very glad you are interested in exactly this to my recipe! I am glad because I think it is not so difficult, but just so far no one has tried ... and sin not try some tasty dishes with homemade filo pastry ... well, at the beginning may be pouzorish but great taste will eventually reward you. Well, there is another in the presence of so many types of pastry in BG, and the price is acceptable ... it is logical and even guaranteed success. That is, it can Notova all ... you recommend to try and not buy ready-made. As to what I describe to your mommies, God rest her soul very rightly do. Any dough when you die (granted by kneading) then roll it much easier. I am glad that I have retreated so nice memories for you and good luck!