Kebab in Kamchiiski

Submitted by enr on 21 Apr 2012
1 kg pork (oily)
4 tomatoes
2 carrots
6 pickles
3 onions
1 cup red wine
red pepper, salt
2 tbsp flour
parsley to taste
pinch nutmeg
1-2 bay leaves
2-3 cloves garlic
pinch savory
The meat is washed with cold water, cut into julienne and stew in fat along with finely chopped onions and carrots. Once the water evaporates, add chopped julienne pickles, red pepper and tomatoes. Add the wine and flour. Dish boil until ready. Finished kebab flavored with salt and other spices. Optional catering can be served in mashed potatoes.
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21 Apr 2012


Rossi, why *in Kamchia*? Sounds delicious, will try this soon kebab.

and I can not tell you for sure, this is the name of the recipe and many more *in Kamchia*. I think that is because of the presence of spices and pickles and other recipes that looked *in Kamchia* include the same ingredients.

OK thank you!

edited recipe as I added more spices, reviewing several versions of the recipe, one of which is emitted by Bon Appetit - of Zvezdev.

And what is *pork cooking*? Pigmeat, which is not cooking? :)

Xevi, do not know if that's what the author has in mind the recipe, but in the big chain stores in Bulgaria sell cuts of pork labeled *cooking*. I guess that in the cutting of flesh remain clippings, which can not sell them (except ground - maybe), so cut them retail and offer them this option.

perunika, thanks, I did not know that. Very strange sounded - meat for cooking, as if there is another type, but if so sell it ...

Yes, that's what I had in mind, most major chains butchers and even in the grocery store meat is labeled *cooking* are pork meat trimmings, which are a little oily and are suitable for making meals , so water *meat cooking*