Mess with zucchini

Submitted by enr on 14 Jun 2011
5 large zucchini
5 eggs
1-2 peppers
2 green onions
350 g feta cheese
2-3 sprigs fresh dill
sunflower oil
black pepper, red pepper, salt
Mess with zucchini
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Courgettes are peeled and sliced. Blanched for 5 minutes in salted water. The feta cheese grate, it is added to the beaten eggs, chopped onion, pepper and dill. Season to taste with pepper and paprika. Add a little sunflower oil and about 200-250 ml water. In tray lining layer of zucchini and pour the mixture. Continue with ordinal stocks last, the last shall be the mix. Bake in a moderate oven until browned.
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14 Jun 2011


looks interesting but it is worth is unnecessary to blanched zucchini

Quick and easy, and blanching can you miss?

I think it is okay to skip milling. Last night, Coca mess cooked meal was not sure whether it would remain nedoizpecheni courgettes, so was secure.

products is written in 1-2 pc. peppers ... but in the way of making no mention of peppers, fresh Are? What happens to them?

I think writing *pepper* in preparation, the author had in mind *peppers*.

If you do not specify otherwise, the peppers must be fresh and they have pepper in preparation.

It is interesting how the Pleven name of pepper - pepper, has settled the last 10-20 years in the official Bulgarian language. For me, not that I am from Varna is chilli pepper - the song is sung: Caps hot, still hot // and you, TSONKA le, her cat. Pepper is exactly what is says - pepper. Q: Dilma Dilbero tell me how is sown pepper. Singing pepper, and the song is Shoppe. Dilma Dilbero comes from Old Bulgarian and for us there is no exact translation. If you go into an agrarian shop to buy a packet of seeds pepper, green pepper, not pepper.The *Bulgarian cuisine* 1983 recipes are * Stuffed peppers .... * of Vidin, Ivaylovgrad, Vratsa, Srednogorie, Plovdiv, Targovishte, Srednogorie, Teteven, Berkovitski. * Piperenitsa pickles, roasted peppers are * *. Clearly, this is imposing some thoughtless official Bulgarian language.

Hmm, Marina. I am from Sunny Beach, Nessebar am gone to school there and still in primary school have taught us that the plant is said PEPPER its fruits - PEPPERS (writes and encyclopedias). That pepper is not automatically chili is evidenced by the fact that all put clarification chili pepper before :) Because there Chorbadzhiyska pepper and peppers Sivria, etc. If each serving was hot, there would be no need for this definition. (As before LEMON not put the definition acidic, because all lemons are acidic. ) And in Dilma-Dilbero sing quite correctly, that is sown pepper - because the plant is sown, not the finished fruit :) And buy seeds for the plant, not the fruit, so buy and you plant pepper, but you pick peppers :) As you plant and watch hazel, but you pick hazelnuts. Or watch palms, but you pick dates, coconut, etc. :)

This is a plant and fruit and I read in a forum under nadslov- chicken or the egg :) when my editors were repaired pepper pepper. Clearly, the two concepts are confused, but not by - plant fruit, by type of fruit. I definitely quote 3-4 cookbooks from the period 1960-1985 / Publishing Technique /, which speaks of pepper as the fruit of the pepper plant. Naturally there are also a recipe for stuffed peppers with beans, but with clarification that pepper dried red pepper. *Red Pepper* as a spice made from ground just pre-dried red peppers or chili peppers, as obshata ingredient is kapsitsinat :). * Caps * is the fruit of red pepper. A * Pepper * is the fruit of all other types of pepper. Understand progressive development Bulgarian language :) but to put everything under one umbrella ??? . Should I cook with red peppers? I want to cook with pepper?

Both words are valid, and the reason to change pepper / pepper pepper (this happens automatically when you browse recipes by us) is that it easier to search the site.

Not I, but the administrators of the forum, which published the recipes have changed the name of the products. For me the pepper is pepper, and chili peppers are. Sorry for the confusion that has received.

Thank Mimosa, a great recipe, I personally missed blanching and finally I added cheese and zapekoh redness. It was great ...

I'm glad you liked the recipe :)

Barring if you courgettes not peel? Thank you!

No, do not interfere, just clean them well. I just keep them trouble, so and so I wrote :)

Thank you for the quick response. :) Be sure to try!

Hello, I tried the recipe. I put several small zucchini because my were small. Probably slightly confused something with water because I felt courgettes lightly water but otherwise get something looking like moussaka. This is another easy and interesting way to cook zucchini! :)

I'm glad you liked the mess :) Thank you for your trust!

Please, but would there be a way to put a little flour or likely or courgettes must first be drained, really if I messed something courgettes but I was a little water. Otherwise it was really tasty and try again! :)

It is good to squeeze water from zucchini. As be cut, add salt and leave for 30th minutes. I always blanch them for this dish and there was no watery, but nice wring them from the water. Probably will work if you rolled in flour or breadcrumbs. I am glad that at least you like to taste, I hope next time become perfect :)

This time blanched zucchini, but simply posolih and left so for half an hour. Put the mixture in a little yogurt and instead of cheese curds used. I slowed down a little and eggs generally cleaned the fridge: D Shortly before removing the dish from the oven, sprinkled with grated cheese. Became great he really was missing cheese :) For photo was not even a bit!