Nettle with rice and spices spring

Submitted by enr on 08 Apr 2010
500 g nettle
4-5 green onions
1 bunch parsley
1/2 connection mint
4-5 tbsp sunflower oil
1 cup rice
Nettle with rice and spices spring
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Chopped onion stew 1-2 minutes in the heated sunflower oil, then add the cleaned, washed and chopped nettles, parsley and mint. Stews few minutes, add the rice and 2 1/2 - 3 cups hot water and bring to the boil, add salt. Simmer until the rice absorbs the liquid. The dish can be served cold. Optional garnish with yogurt.
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08 Apr 2010


Great idea, I'll try to do and nettle with rice. We love her very much and porridge and soup, even breaded. A nettle is tasty and useful spring temptation.

Very nice recipe and beautifully presented. Bravo!

Thanks! I am glad that the recipe you like. With nettles and generally zelenishi can make many delicious and healthy dishes.

Something different with which to enrich his table! Instead of yogurt, you can add a spoonful of sour cream, it gets interesting!

Bravo for retseptichkata! I made it to the dear little boy and became great, hardly felt nettles. Only changed places in preparation :) First ostaklih rice and then added zelenichkite thingy:) and for his final put a boiled egg yolk in bowl vmestomlyako

Sylvia, very glad that you liked the recipe and you bring something new into it! :) I use milled rice and therefore do not fry it in advance.

I just made it. I never cooked nettles, but the recipe is easy and fast, and so did her home now. Very tasty, useful and satiety. :)

Pavlinka, I'm glad that I was useful with the proposed recipe and were happy! :)