Pancakes with flax flour and chicken

Submitted by enr on 25 Jan 2013
150 g flour
2 tbsp flax meal
100 ml milk
100 ml water
2 eggs
2 chicken legs
3 tbsp mayonnaise
2 tbsp yogurt
1/2 iceberg salad
1 bunch green onions
kalamata olives
baby corns
salt, white pepper, curry and paprika
olive oil and dried garlic
Pancakes with flax flour and chicken
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For making pancakes put in a blender white flour, flaxseed flour, eggs, milk and water . Blend to a thick mixture (such as boza). Season with salt and curry. Fry the pancakes and leave them to cool. During this time, boil the chicken legs. Debone them and shred into small pieces. Cut Baby Corn circles. Clean olives and cut them into strips. In a heated pan with a little olive oil to fry chicken redness. Add corn, olives and a little paprika. Season with salt and white pepper. Prepare sauce as mix the mayonnaise, yogurt, dry garlic and salt. Cut the green onions chopped iceberg and strips. In each pancake distribute the filling of chicken, iceberg and pour a little of the sauce on top and add a little green onion. Turn the pancake and serve.
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25 Jan 2013


I also do them, but with minor modifications. Children love them, call them home Doner.