Pancakes stuffed in dough

Submitted by enr on 10 Jun 2009
500 g flour
2 eggs
70 g butter
170 ml milk
1/3 tsp soda
15 g sugar
1 tsp salt
5-6 ready pancakes
# 3 types of fillings of your choice, for example:
cooked rice with boiled eggs and onion
chicken with cream and dill
fried mushrooms
Pancakes stuffed in dough
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On products knead dough, removed a smaller ball, one more little dough decoration. Roll out the small ball, so as to cut round. In the middle put pancake, so that 3-4 cm remain empty at the end, and put on rice stuffing. Place a second pancake, pressed well and on her chicken stuffing. Three pancake - mushroom stuffing, and do so until the pancakes. Roll out the second (larger) dough ball and it rolled pancakes. The ends of the first wordy sheet rolled up. From leave the test for decoration cut the strips 3 and twisted them, and this shallow put it on the folded end. Cut out circles of dough, do roses and leaves, put on the dome of pancakes, dab with egg and bake at 200 ° C until golden.
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10 Jun 2009


Very beautiful and very spectacular meal! Bravo! It is well worth to work hard!

Leleeee, what a beauty! Again excellent!

Super is Vesi :)

Majestic is! :)

And this recipe go to *Favorites*. Super her!

great toy but it was worth it! Kids just poshturyaha! already Bookmark

I am very glad that you liked mar4a76 :)

this is a work of art

may not put rice zoshtoto my husband does not like, but it sounds magical. Bravo!

It was like: D appearance except that my dough is not so thick, exactly, is thick, but is sticky and can not readily be cut roses and so on. Just very sticky ..

Jump is perfect, but may I ask - how this beauty moved the baking pan to bake? or be arranged directly in it? May I ask stupid questions, but ...

directly in the baking pan