Pork sach from Five Corners

Submitted by enr on 16 Feb 2010
200 g pork tenderloin
100 g sausage
50 g bacon or salo
150 g onion
100 g fresh mushrooms
50 g roasted peppers
100 g tomatoes
10 g garlic
salt , soy sauce, pepper
30 ml white wine
50 ml olive oil or sunflower oil
Pork sach from Five Corners
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In the hot fat put diced meat, sausage and bacon. Once the meat is fried, add sliced ​​onions, mushrooms, peppers, tomatoes and garlic. Once the vegetables are soft, add soy sauce and wine and stew. Saci bake in a very hot oven.
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16 Feb 2010


tasty recipe as soon as possible will try.

Put to favorites, I liked the recipe!

saci on what is put in the processing of products / before putting in the oven /? On gas, electric stove or ... what?

How can replace sachat? In Montana, we can not find. Had added another interesting recipe and I'd like to do them.

Excellent! Thanks for the recipe!

desislava76-saci may stand on the terrace :) ... in 99% of cases it prepared dish of pan / restaurants / after standby pour in saci and bake in the oven.

I wanted to popitam- products directly in saci you fry, choking ... or in any other court. I never cooked in sach so why ask. Damyanov, your comment was quite peppery / as always /.

In principle -the better to cook in saci, especially if it is true (cast iron or ceramic). The idea is to give tempetartuara be permanent, which is achieved by the thickness of saci. And the restaurants are doing it and really sach difficult to find. Fakes sold now collapsing at high temperature. : D

became VERY tasty, thanks for the recipe, I will add a photo.

perfect recipe! Due to lack of sach, it prepared in a skillet and then baked in a court of Berghoff, but was very good.