Rice almost Chinese

Submitted by enr on 12 Jul 2011
300 g rice
1 stalk leek
200 g of frozen peas or canned
2-3 carrots
sunflower oil or butter
salt, curry
Rice is washed and boiled in salted water. Once ready washed under running cold water and place in a colander to drain well. Carrots cut into thin strips with a length of 3-4 cm. Cut the leek into thin slices slope of sticks. In a deep frying pan put the oil or the butter. When heat is first put the carrots and fry briefly (must remain crunchy). Add leeks, stir gently and then immediately poured and peas, and fry it for about 1-2 minutes (if jar of peas is careful not to crush the beans stirring). Vegetables should remain intact and have a bright color. They pour the drained rice, seasoned with curry, stir to mix all products and remove from heat. * These products can add a few pickled mushrooms or canned corn (becomes more colorful). * Leeks can be replaced with red onion - then taste the dish becomes -sladnikav.
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12 Jul 2011