Salted pancake layered cake Natalia

Submitted by enr on 10 Mar 2009
5 ready pancakes
200 g mayonnaise
2 tbsp yogurt
2 tbsp mustard
100 g corn
200 g fillet or ham
100 g pickles
200 g mushrooms (stewed in butter )
200 g cheese
10 desalted black olives
Salted pancake layered cake Natalia
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In bowl, beat the mayonnaise, mustard, pepper and yogurt. Chopped pickles, fillet, olives and mushrooms. Shredded cheese. In a suitable dish or tray put the first pancake, anointed it with mayonnaise mixture and arrange pickles (for example, maybe some of the other products). Put next anointed and redim, and so until all the. With the remaining mayonnaise mixture nice spreads resulting cake and sprinkle with cheese. Optional decorate with sprigs of parsley. Put it into the fridge and after a few hours is ready for consumption.
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10 Mar 2009


This cake it is already available in several versions.

may, I have not read everything :) this particular her my taste combined with products like :)

added by me towards this recipe 3 more pancakes, pea, carrot, boiled egg, smoked chicken and a little cheese in some of the layers.

Oh, there was a cake with my name! Looks delicious, will try immediately ...

summit is going to Favorites

I did it with great pleasure namely day!