Tiramisu Irina Kupenski

Submitted by enr on 01 May 2011
5 yolks
120 g sugar
50 ml rum
30 ml coffee liqueur
250 ml pastry cream
500 g feta cheese Mascarpone
36-40 Lady fingers
cold coffee for watering biscuits
Tiramisu Irina Kupenski
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Is broken yolks with sugar, put in a water bath and stirred until the white set and thicken. Meanwhile, add the rum and liqueur and mix everything. Lowers from heat and stir 3-4 minutes until it cools. Mascarpone mix until it becomes creamy, and in another bowl, stir cream. Mascarpone to carefully add the egg mixture and mix everything well. Last added and cream, all mixed gently with a spatula or spoon. Cake piecing so: one line biscuits, cream biscuits again, then again cream (height of the cake depends on you and the shape, which you choose percent), finally ending with cream. I recommend you to use a form with removable walls because they have something to hold the tiramisu, while the cream tightens. Before wrong biscuits are dipped slightly in coffee. The finished cake is harvested in the refrigerator for several hours before consumption and best overnight. Before serving sprinkle with natural cocoa and garnish optional.
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01 May 2011


Very good recipe and appetizing photos! Logged favorites.

I tested this recipe, it is very successful. Addition of cream in cream is pretty good trick, but if you high price of mascarpone, try natural melted cheese for him.

I do not recommend the use of other types of cream cheese, because it changes the taste of the cake and no longer tiramisu. I say this from personal experience.