Tiramisu in pineapple

Submitted by enr on 03 Feb 2010
4 pineapples
400 g biscuits
400 ml cooking cream
300-400 g feta cheese Mascarpone (or cottage cheese)
400 ml strong coffee
1-2 tbsp brandy or rum
about decoration - strawberry, coffee beans
Tiramisu in pineapple
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Cream mix using a mixer until a thick mixture. Add the feta cheese (the cottage cheese) and stir with a wooden spatula. The coffee is mixed with alcohol. Pineapples gouge, previously cut cover with leaves. Biscuits wet with coffee, put in pineapple and covered with cream. The procedure is repeated until the fill pineapples. Place top two soaked ladyfingers and cream. Dessert sprinkled with cocoa and place in bowls. Decorate the lids with pineapple rings orange, strawberry halves and coffee beans. It is good to stand for several hours in a refrigerator. To the cream may be added to powdered sugar.
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03 Feb 2010


very original idea, like me!

I am of the same opinion.I love it.And what remains after the sinking of the fetus can be put in a pan with a little butter and sugar is caramelized to / may hell and put 1-2 tablespoons cognac /.Upon presentation can be garnished with cream.Becomes very tasty.

recipe is very original

in coconut is delicious (as long as there is someone to cut your cover above)), but not as spectacular