Submitted by enr on 24 Apr 2013
6 ready pancakes
200 g white chicken
6-7 mushrooms
100 g smoked feta cheese
1 onion
4-5 cloves garlic
100 g canned corn
100 g cooking cream
15 ml soy sauce
cumin, pepper
sunflower oil
feather green onions
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Heat sunflower oil in a frying pan enough to cover the bottom, fry the onions are chopped, pressed garlic and chopped mushrooms, add the chicken cut small pieces (cubes) and add the soy sauce immediately. Ready to fry the meat, it is fragile, so it does not take more than 5 minutes. Add corn. During this time, in a separate container put on a hot plate with cream added to it smoked feta cheese, cut into small pieces. Heat and stirring to melt the feta cheese. Add the mixture to the pan to the chicken and vegetables. Sprinkle with cumin, pepper and salt, if not enough salt or spices according to your taste. Put some of the mixture in the center of the pancake. With feather green onions aardvark and shape bag. * I do not give a recipe for savory pancakes because there are many and you can choose according to taste.
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24 Apr 2013


Great idea for serving pancakes! And filling I liked :) I put in favorites :)

I am doing them, but filled with Russian salad :) Very original and interesting served in this way, and in my recipe bundles say: D

Actually my name is fiction :) and the filling is my creation of products that I like, but I've met many options and all are successful.

Zoot became very delicious! , I see the photos my have received quite plump :) (I put more stuffing). Bravo for the recipe!

Reni Glad that you liked the recipe and balagodarya :) If you use a pan with a large diameter pancakes will become large, respectively will fit more stuffing and easily shaped bags! But ... and so are fine :)

Reni, and so I filled them. And the side of the bag can be made from various decoration figures with ketchup, mayonnaise colored; feather of onions hanging, you can nanizhesh washers hole olives, carrot, cucumber. But it can be decorated just a packed bag :). And on the diameter of the pan, she bought frozen pancake is only one diameter :)

Marina, great ideas for decorating (would never think) :) I will surely take them :) And, pancakes (I forgot to write) - made them a recipe ivka - *Pancakes with yoghurt* and I am very pleased with the result!

Indeed, the result is obvious :), your pancake really looks very tasty. These pancakes I have not tried, but there is time.