Pizza * White, Green, Red *

Submitted by enr on 27 Feb 2011
ready pizza dough
100 ml tomato juice or mashed tomatoes
100 g spinach
100 g feta cheese * Philadelphia * (maybe sour cream)
100 g cow or sheep cheese
80-100 g cheese
pinch of basil on tomato juice
sunflower oil or olive oil for greasing the pan
Pizza * White, Green, Red *
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Pizza dough is prepared in the following way: see recipe for Pizza dough - fast . The dough obtained 2 pizzas with diameter of 32 cm and above products are for 1 Pizza. Can be used and another test of your choice. Roll out the dough is placed on pre-greased with sunflower oil or olive oil pan, then evenly advance the defeated with basil tomato juice. Then spread the spinach, the feta cheese * Philadelphia * (or sour cream), ordinary feta cheese is broken into small pieces and also sprinkle on the pizza and finally sprinkle with cheese. Bake on a preheated 200 ° C oven. * 100 g of this pizza contains about 211 kilocalories. To reduce calories, reduce dairy products.
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27 Feb 2011


A great recipe for pizza. I like it.

My favorite dish is pizza :) I've done all kinds. This option appealed to me, because you use different types of cheese, which gives great taste, especially with basil or oregano. Once a week I make 5 large pizza baking pans (various types) and friends come to Eat :) certainly will do, but please do not realize spinach raw or stewed Is?

Hello lady_LANA, I'm glad you liked the combination. I use frozen spinach, which put it for about 5 min. In microwave (my microwave is 1000 Watts, the standard is 800, respectively, in such little for a long time), then wring well water clutching it with hand and then bringing it on the pizza.