Poached eggs with a special yogurt sauce

Submitted by enr on 31 Mar 2012
sunflower oil for frying
1-2 tbsp butter
# dairy sauce:
200 g yogurt
200 g sour cream
garlic salt
Poached eggs with a special yogurt sauce
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Eggs are fried in sunflower oil. Remove. To the remaining hot sunflower oil add the butter to melt and fry it with paprika. For the sauce: Products listed are mixed to obtain a smooth sauce. The eggs are covered with sauce and sprinkled with red-fat.
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31 Mar 2012


As eggs Panagurski but fried. Interesting idea and sauce sounds great. Will definitely try!

This, without cream is made at home since I can remember. Once I tried the original recipe for eggs Panagurski, but I did not like, because it budkavi. Only that the home of just chuknatite their eggs sprinkled salt and pepper, as paprika and sprinkle in oil, so while you fry the eggs and fry the red pepper. :)

didkapan, these are certainly not the insipid :)

I know, as I wrote below are insipid eggs Panagurski. For these I'm sure not, because they do family likewise are, indeed, very tasty. :)

Probably will be nice if you add to the sauce and crumbled cheese ...

I do them in a slightly different way, but look exactly like the picture. Eggs prepare them in a deep pan with a little water, oil and salt because many sprayed with oil. In dairy topping and put crumbled cheese. Are very tasty, a favorite dish at home.