Homemade chutney grandmother

Submitted by enr on 10 Sep 2011
1 kg tomatoes
1 kg red peppers
400 g eggplant
1/4 onion
30 ml sunflower oil
2 parsley sprigs
Homemade chutney grandmother
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Bake the peppers and eggplant on a hot plate (oven, BBQ, table, barbecue, tin). Peel them, remove the stems and seeds and let them run juice. Tomatoes (I use rum) grated (discard skin) and put to boil in a deep pan (if you do not play you can brave the purposes of meat machine / robot). Boil until liquid poizpari (early is nice to be at a high heat mixture is water, and later to reduce power). Starting to thicken stirring continuously. Meanwhile grinding meat grinder / robot peppers and eggplants. When the water of the tomatoes is poizparila add minced meat peppers and eggplants and peppers juice (juice of eggplants is discarded). Until starting to thicken stirring constantly so as not to burn. You will know when it achieved the exact density of chutney as a stirring paddle stays trail that does not close and see the bottom of the tray. Add the oil in which we pre-fried onion (onion but only serves to spiced up the oil, do not put in chutney). Keep stirring constantly as reducing fire. When thickened again and spoon remaining traces on the bottom of the pan add the parsley, salt and sugar to taste (be careful with sugar and salt, I advise you to put, then try and so while you appeal to taste). Optional can put some ground chilies to get spicy. Chutney is ready when the remaining trace of the shaker is closed. More hot mixture thoroughly in jars and sterilized for 20 minutes. * This year about 35 kg of product (15 kg of tomatoes Roma, 15 kg of peppers, eggplant 6 kg) put 1 liter of sunflower oil, 1 head onions, a large bunch of parsley, 2/3 cup sugar and 1/3 cup salt.
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10 Sep 2011


If you want to no skin of tomatoes, blanch for 1-2 minutes in boiling water and immediately cool with cold tap water. Then peel tomatoes easily as a banana.

It was great ... but instead I put onions chesanche (a few cloves) without fry them