Icli meatball

Submitted by enr on 21 Aug 2013
2 cups bright Turkish bulgur - the most finely
700 g beef
pepper, cumin, paprika, onion, walnuts, salt to taste
sunflower oil for frying
Icli meatball
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In a bowl pour the bulgur with hot water - to cover it, Cover with the lid and leave for about an hour to swell. In a skillet saute the minced meat, add chopped onion and when soft add pepper, cumin, paprika and salt. Add the walnuts in the pan, fry the minced meat and leave to cool. When the bulgur is ready add the chopped onion, salt, cumin and red pepper and knead for about 30 minutes. Sprinkle with a little water and dough bulgurenoto mix it immediately before shaping meatballs if you prepared earlier and waited in the refrigerator. Of minced meatballs oblong shape, wrap each in bulgureno batter, fry and serve. * I I poured 1 cup water the bulgur, minced meat - 200 g, the walnuts - 40-50 g (do them first time). * We'll do many times, anything that is a great toy. I caught them hang. Girls are very tasty. * I put them a little cayenne pepper.
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21 Aug 2013
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Walnuts are crushed or ground. Okay with another mince?

Walnuts are crushed. I think another mince happens.

I am still not become very clear part with the dough. Messi 30 min. And then put water and again rasmesva? Furthermore, the number 4 is missing in the instructions. Is there anything else to pravevene or only nomercheto is porpusnato? Thanks for the reply in advance.

I miss nomercheto, sorry. This second Relocation immediately before I started work down themselves meatballs. It is imperative, if the dough is done for example in the morning and meatballs are formed after noon. I hope I have been helpful.

are very enthusiastic and tried to prepare these meatballs. Really get something very tasty, but nothing like the pictures of the recipe. I do not know whether bulgur was very big or something was wrong, but eventually ate fried bulgur with mince. Neither dough was dough or fried minced meatballs were received - had nothing to blind both mixtures. Too bad it did not work.

Bulgur wheat is at the fine / as meal is / will release a photo. I was also scared when I started to interfere bulgur mixture / was crumbly. / But her Messiah, crush and so a lot of time / may have been more than 30 minutes / I get dough. Next time I will let the pictures of each stage of preparation.

Thank Ivka! The recipe I found very interesting and I tried again if I find such bulgur, of course.

I bought it from Kaufland

I add to the mixture and a little cinnamon, cayenne pepper and onion very Arabic style, chopped walnuts instead of almonds. We are fans of this delicacy.

It's obvious that not doing them for the first time as me. Share please any subtlety mostly for bulgur mixture. Please. On I like. I'd like to bring and a pleasing appearance. Yours is perfect.

When bulgur add a little flour and protein solder, most of them do as a meatball that is easier fry in very, very oil. Now play around a bit because the picture. Whatever form to make them taste the same. Practice is the mother of improving. For the first time I made a very good appearance.

Thank you very much. Next time I will make them like follow your advice. Because it will do them very often.

I'm memorizes a video to make Tez meatballs, yalya them and I have a great desire to get them prepared bulgur-I only have to take beef and sha takes to roll up my sleeves and rigged them someone close den..a to make sha watch the video - .. as they do and I will report to the taste-and I like them very much, just that there death ate them in bulgur and put boiled potato and knead it with your palm rubbing sore arm to the bottom of the baking pan where the bulgur-knead will stick to and thus ..

second attempt was more successful. Tasting is received well, just as they did not. But bulgur me it was different, so I'm pleased.

I made them some time ago, but I failed to get snimki..az like them, but something half their nachumeri..mozhe would because they are made with little bugur..pak he has quarreled with and rice ..