Potatoes with lemon juice

Submitted by enr on 12 Nov 2009
2 kg potatoes
30 ml olive oil
2 lemons
Potatoes with lemon juice
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Peel the potatoes and cut into equally large chunks. Place about 200 ml water, add salt thoroughly, make up about 30 ml olive oil. All mix well and pour into pan. The water should be about 1 finger deep. Fsunflower covered with oil and bake at 180 degrees. Baking time depends on the variety of potatoes and size of the pieces - about 40 minutes. Make a sample with a fork. Once you have finished removing fthe oil and return in the oven until the water has evaporated completely. Remove and immediately pour the juice of two lemons. Optional are salting again and spotted with more olive oil. * Lemons can be replaced by lemon juice. * You can sprinkle the grated peel of lemon or herbs of their choice.
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12 Nov 2009


The recipe is a well-known Greek, which has a restaurant. I do not know whether it is Greek - if girls living in Greece know - please specify:-) Favorite baptized them, because they say so at home:-)

Sounds great, but how does the lemon juice, if I decide to rewrite them to Bratkartoffeln? I mean, does not prevent you?

No, dear, I decided to try and become irrespective of unspoiled ... also noticed another - as lymphoma. juice to put - stay as not highly acidic and salt and many have - several times doosolyavane ... wonder why.

Auuuu, I almost forgot - do not cover already acidified potato in aluminum foil (if you stay). I once did so without thinking, and the next day had become gray where it touched the film - is okislilo. I threw everything.

Thank you, tomorrow will try to roast fish;-)

Today their time comes to those potatoes ... All liked them, especially this sour taste ...! May and we will become favorites! Rally, thanks for the recipe!

Glad Reni! The picture is very nice, well done:-)

Greek recipe. Very tasty. Greeks potatoes, fish regularly spice in cooking more with fresh lemon juice. Not to mention the milk-lemon sauce, which spice zucchini, cabbage and many other dishes.