Sponge cake of minced meat with eggs

Submitted by enr on 16 Dec 2010
1 kg minced meat
spices of your choice
300 ml Bechamel sauce
200 g cheese
6 eggs
Sponge cake of minced meat with eggs
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Minced meat is mixed with spices to taste. Cucumbers and mushrooms finely, place the bottom of the pre-greased round cake. On them shall be distributed mince. Bake in preheated oven 30-40 minutes until ready. Remove from the oven, cover with tray with almost the same diameter, slightly larger and turns. Watered with bechamel and bump up the eggs, one is in the middle of the cake, and others around the cake on the bechamel and sprinkle with plenty of grated cheese. Returns in the oven to brown, yellow cheese.
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16 Dec 2010


interesting offer! Beshamelat is very good garnish for dishes with minced meat.

must be very juicy and tasty, passes Bookmark

As I read the recipe and watch the pictures it seems to me that this will be a big yummy.

This reminds me of meatloaf (without bechamel) only that round cake pan, which in turn means that will surely be delicious :)

It is like meatloaf and this béchamel and remove eggs I think you'll get a pretty original.

VESI, that the meat is amazing idea, Great!

Original and certainly very tasty dish :)

looks very tasty, will be tried soon, and if I can fotna it would be good, now goes to favorites.