* Chiken Pizza and Curry *

Submitted by enr on 23 Dec 2010
400 g readymade dough
200 g curry sauce
300 g chicken
4 washers pineapple from a can (and can cut pineapple)
200 g grated cheese
* Chiken Pizza and Curry *
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The dough is stretched in form optional, then coated evenly with the sauce of curry. Sorting pre-cut into small pieces and parched chicken with chopped pineapple into small cubes. Finally sprinkle with cheese. Bake 15-20 minutes at 200 C. * If you do not curry sauce you can use - 1 cup mayonnaise, 1 can of mixed fruit (200 g) and curry powder to taste - passaged and ready.
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23 Dec 2010


Christ, and what can replace this curry sauce, because not anywhere to be found?

Nevi if you can not find a sauce, you alone to prepare and curry powder. The options are many, but the easiest is; 1h. cup mayonnaise and 1 can of mixed fruit + Curry taste. Everything blender and hop-ready. To save all this, I am convinced that in every major supermarket has Sauce-Curry (Australia, 100%).

This pizza made it, but I could not photograph it :) I used a sauce and it was super spicy pizza. I shredded chicken and salted spice it zaparzhih, messed with curry sauce and then Add all over the dough :) Do not put pineapple, because I do not like to put fruit.

lady_LANA, this kind of Pizza, except Pineapple can as peaches and other fruits can be used, but after not fall for them, important is the net effect :) Enjoy your meal!