Chocolate chips with dried apricots

Submitted by enr on 12 Dec 2013
250 g biscuits (plain or tea)
400 g of dried apricots
400 g chocolate
125 ml cream
Chocolate chips with dried apricots
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Cookies are broken into small pieces, apricots cut - too small pieces. Pan 20x30 cm stood with baking paper. Melt chocolate and cream in a water bath and mixed with biscuits and apricots. Mix well and pour the mixture into the prepared baking dish. Put it in the refrigerator for 3-4 hours or best overnight to set. Then cut into squares and served as can be left slightly to soften at room temperature. * Chocolate can be black or milk - as you prefer. * Can add nuts or chocolate with nuts is, in this case, reduce the minimum amount of dried fruit. * Part of dried apricots may be replaced with raisins or dried cranberries.
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12 Dec 2013


Very interesting proposal. Intrigued me. Goes to favorites.

Great suggestion! This is one of my favorite combinations Chocolate with apricots and blueberries. I do like chips, except that only dried fruit and biscuits they put butter and hazelnuts (as in chocolate, calories do not matter now) :), spreading them thinly and after cool them broken into pieces (so like handmade chocolate) )

I I shaped them like candy. Are wonderful.

I'm glad you like the recipe, girls :)

Uskam to prepare them for friends for Christmas and New Year, and I wonder whether you will spend 2-3 weeks. I add a little clove and cinnamon flavor. Will share results as they do.

gkostova04, if chocolate was just going to tell you that there is no problem to withstand 2-3 weeks, but with the cream ... See this recipe Десерт Kaldaramche (Rocky Road) , it can definitely withstand a lot of time, it is very similar and very tasty, and can be replaced products. Also you can put oil instead of cream in this recipe and keep in the fridge, I think that will extend the life.

nevi, many thanks for the advice. And my cream bother me.

Gerry, success! These chocolate desserts, can not go wrong :)

Open my case cossettes to prepare for a Christmas celebration. Very tasty! I just want to warn you that it uses chocolate with nuts or dried fruits may need to reduce the crackers and dried apricots less. My chocolate had a 30% content of whole leshtnitsi and if I put all the stuffing, I'm not sure that would work. Nevi and kaldaramcheto will try later.

I'm glad you liked the recipe, Gerry :) Chocolate, which we had used the nuts and had no problem, but I'm not sure what percentage were. I put that statement in a recipe that adding nuts or use of chocolate with nuts is good to reduce the dried fruit to not shoot.