Dessert wheat on the day of Santa Lucia (Cuccia)

Submitted by enr on 29 Nov 2013
500 g of wheat (wheat)
120 g starch
1.5 liters of fresh milk
200 g sugar
100 g dark chocolate
100 g candied fruit (cherries, pumpkin , orange peel)
Wheat washed and put to soak in water 3 days, the water being changed 2 times a day. Rinse well and put to boil in salted water. Allow to simmer on low heat for at least two hours. Taking away from the heat wrapped in a wool blanket and so was stood overnight. In the morning strain and Transfer the bowl. Meanwhile, prepare the cream. In some of the starch milk is dissolved and added to the boiled previously sweetened milk. Stir constantly to thicken. Get out of the heat and add the wheat. Once cooled down add the chopped chocolate and fruit, seasoned with cinnamon. Allow to cool in the fridge for several hours.
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29 Nov 2013


Vanya interesting proposal dessert that is made on December 13, dedicated to the feast of St. Lucia, mostly in Sicily and surroundings also make soups and puddings and many other varieties of wheat. It is very tasty, I've only ever eaten but never done.

I soon to try some more recipes with wheat for this holiday. I'm definitely pleased with the outcome. Hope and others to be like the recipe.