Dish with zucchini, potatoes and mushrooms in the oven

Submitted by enr on 16 Jun 2009
1 kg zucchini
1 kg potatoes
300 g mushrooms
300 g feta cheese
200 g cheese
salt, pepper
Dish with zucchini, potatoes and mushrooms in the oven
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Stew in mushrooms butter with salt and pepper. Cut the potatoes and zucchini slices. Put pan in a little oil and potato stack row, row zucchini, mushrooms, feta cheese and garlic pieces. Salt potatoes and courgettes. Repeat rows did not finish with mushrooms and potatoes or zucchini. Pour a little water or broth - 150 ml. Bake at 180 C 40-50 minutes. Becoming ready put grated cheese on top and return the dish in the oven just to melt cheese. Serve with yogurt garlic can be eaten cold, but warm is more delicious.
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16 Jun 2009
BG Mama


Vesi, an interesting combination! Goes to favorites and will try!

Reni this with certainty will try very suitable for hot days and slightly healthy

God is obyrkah recipe is Vesi please excuse me

Wonderful recipe, but it suhichko put more broth and optionally boil potatoes otherwise pumpkins are faster can be prepared and put foil will be very tasty otherwise healthy and delicious recipe - 5 and goes to Favorites!

A tip-cheese mix with half a pot of yogurt and 2-3 tablespoons garlic sauce. Do you sladkol

recipe is not Vesi and mine, as well as photos, but drive :)

Nellie, Vesi has put source, everyone sees that the author is not it:-)

Several times ve4e do this dish. It is very tasty! Bravo for this interesting recipe!

I made this dish, but I nakiselyava and I can not explain why? Because mushrooms or zucchini because is it?

Stefi, not the cheese? I have not done it, but ... I'm trying and I guess :)

I first did that turned out to be that of mushrooms they acidulous .. strange after they choked in oil. Next time will be without them :)

This 180 degrees - simply forget, and for 50 minutes - the dish wants at least 220-240 degrees for so long - otherwise just soak in the oven. Courgettes remain almost raw - full of grief - I do not waste your time ...

Everyone knows the oven and to decide at what temperature to bake. No two ovens and set degrees in recipes are only indicative. For most ovens 240C highest temperature and therefore roast dish so you will burn.

Obviously it is a time of Nikolay buy a new oven;) 50 minutes at 180 degrees are ideal for two handfuls of potatoes. Naturally, if the oven will develop 180 degrees and not to any of the knob 180 and the actual temperature is 110-120. If my oven adjusts 240 degrees - they are really 240 and the dish will burn above before inside to the temperature is raised so as to cook.

Yes I first cook - I Gorenje oven - 1 year and is exactly degrees - just as Seto put inside but not a handful 1 kg potatoes, 1 kg zucchini and they put 200 grams broth have Objectives 3 pounds with cheese and mushrooms. It was and it was not bad - with more sauce. But just now it is a lot of water - and potatoes and pumpkins, so that if he let the fan will burn the outside and inside will be raw. I put it to 180 but 45 minutes just is not stuck! Departed one hour and a half a baking pan zucchini with cheese. About this time I roasted two baking pans steaks! Let your meal! Tasty get however - but current killed me! Cheers!

if you do not want to make such vodno..kato cut courgettes sliced ​​salt them and leave it for 15 min. In a pan and then make this yummy!

became surprising but because mesayadni home and put ham and koparche

I personally followed the djjeorje02 and markov6509 - boiled small potatoes in advance and mingled cheese and garlic with 1/2 yoghurt. It was very well, will get snimchitsa.

recipes, suitable for summer, thanks!