Fried fillet with crispy lemon rind

Submitted by enr on 20 Dec 2009
4 chicken fillets
50 g sticks with spices
50 g breadcrumbs
pepper, salt
1 egg
2 tbsp lemon juice
fat frying
Fried fillet with crispy lemon rind
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Chicken spice of taste with pepper and salt. Egg mix and to this was added the lemon juice. Crackers are ground or crushed in a mortar, then mixed with breadcrumbs in a suitable container for rolling. Chicken fillets are dipped in egg, rolled in breadcrumbs mixture and fry in preheated oil.
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20 Dec 2009


It looks wonderful.The recipe is interesting.

And I'd really like.

Thank you! :) Next time you do you'll be shooting and what it looks like inside.

will come out even better if you add a little zest of lime or lemon in breading!

Well, each with its taste. Will become very sour or so just peel or just juice!

From the lemon peel can not become sour. Only enhances the flavor of lemon.

And I would put lemon rind, the egg would add it to not burn when frying. There is no way to become more acidic, it is not sour:-) The recipe I like.

Well, if you say so;) I believe you: D hi-hi :) I and so I like it because I do a lemon sauce, which has half a lemon - passaged and very well tied together with a brand fillet. If interested email me, we'll tell you all about the sauce.