Kinder from the refrigerator (Kinder fetta al latte)

Submitted by enr on 09 May 2011
250 g flour
200 g sugar
75 g bitter cocoa powder
2 cup milk
250 ml cream
250 ml condensed milk
200 ml milk
1 vanilla
8 g of gelatin lista
10 g baking powder
Kinder from the refrigerator (Kinder fetta al latte)
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Prepare the base by mixing flour, sugar, cocoa, baking powder and finally mix with 2 h. h. milk. Pour into greased pan with 24 cm diameter and bake 20-30 minutes at 160 degrees (or according to your oven). Heat 50 ml milk and add pre-soaked and well squeezed gelatine in a little water. Add the remaining 150 ml milk (after it has dissolved gelatin), condensed milk and vanilla. Let cool completely and add well shattered cream. Allow to harden. Cut up the cold already base of two and fill with cream cream. Decorate optional.
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09 May 2011


Another great recipe.

Great idea, can I use it for cake, with appropriate decorations for children's birthday!

Honestly, the name mislead me, I thought that this is something that does not bake. How said in BG this product (fetta al late, Milchschnitte? )

Well honestly say I do not know how I said in Bulgaria heard'm ads to call Kinder from the fridge not the one who is Kinder Penguin that is out of chocolate. That's why I called it so, and in the Italian version, even if the moderators decide that the name is not appropriate please correct it. Thanks in advance!

why not sugar cream?

Because of the large amount of condensed milk which is quite sweet. And also because of the cream (which I use sweetened).

condensed milk with sugar Is

Well I do not know whether all condensed milk have sugar but I personally do at home 250 ml. milk 85 g. sugar over high heat, boil 20-30 minutes, taking care not to stop boiling. A consistent and caramel type and color.

Pete, what you describe is dulce di leche, not condensed milk. With such there is legal candies from photos? Because it is quite white and does not look like caramel. On the other hand bought this cake will caramel taste.

I have not thought so far to add condensed milk to cream. This is not a dulce di leche because not boil. I've Russian version of dulce di leche - to brew a can of condensed milk for a long time and I can definitely say that no caramel flavor - color and form to, but not taste. In the condensed milk always sugar - so condensed and not preserved. I've seen diet of *Dutch Lady* - but it does lack the sugar and fat content of milk is reduced

What you're wrong :) May means condensed milk that is condensed :) Is sugar or not is indicated separately on the package.

Hello! In the recipe I used the tin of condensed milk but honestly speaking I do not know exactly what it was but it was pretty sweet, and as barely found to buy recipe sought to do at home and this is found in one site homework condensed milk. It actually after long cooking really thickens and becomes darker and slightly caramel flavor feel it mix with others. product is not felt even (talk about homework). But what are these things important thing is the end result you like to Kinder. If someone does not like the taste or cocoa me Unable to find easily condensed milk, let's replace it with whatever your taste decide, as I do, for example. Thanks and good luck!

hello friends, living in Greece for 10 years and I can explain 4f condensed milk is sold in cans, and necessarily diluted 1. 1, and is not sweetened, other milk used to me in goreposo4enata recipe is so. called. Greece-zaharuho-sweetened ie, it is very sweet, and when caught as it is in the metal box-to polu4ava t. pomegranate dul4e December le4e I have a recipe for zaharuho, and I if someone wants to publish

Hey, Natalia! Thank you clarify for condensed milk, but as I said in that exact recipe ingredient is condensed milk. I personally found very very difficult once a tin and I used to make this recipe. Soon I made cream Raphael and I had condensed milk for this recipe sought to make him and found one in the local site (idolcidichiara) I did not say, however, that arise as the can, but I do. It was mentioned as well and I do not confuse the cream at all. Shared only for those who are unable to condensed milk, I hope I was helpful. If someone said let's try had any problem with the recipe.

I share for condensed milk - so I bought sweetened condensed milk is thick and very sweet. There is only condensed milk, not sweet and is rare. Bought for this recipe sweetened and tomorrow will do. I will share the results.

And ask 8d gelatin sheet of how packets gelatin equals because I have a bag at home?

Home sweetened condensed milk Домашно sweetened condensed milk

makes no sense to buy as you can do it, too, is as original, homemade sweetened condensed milk

I did it with small differences - gelatin put a pack of Dr. Oetker and Paiute swamps about 1 hour. It was a great taste, very successfully Kinder pingui. Children attacked cream even when assembling the cake. Very tasty and easy.

I want to ask if I use gelatin in the bag, not the leaves, how to give a mixture that something this work with gelatin not clear to me how it

Whether in sheets or particles (dust) the weight is the same ..

It was very tasty! Like home. And my, where not eat sweet, I ate it with the coffee. : D Only next time will probably do a half dose of cream and swamps that became a little plump.

Hey, Natalia! I write you on the occasion of *Zaharuhoto* -I have a recipe for, which uses the above, product and Morphy. I would like to write me with what may be replaced in Bulgaria or can you do more. combination from which to prepare these 2produkta? Thanks in advance! I wish you a Happy Christmas and New Year holidays!