Layered cake Barbie

Submitted by enr on 31 Jul 2009
3 ready fruit rolls
1 liter cream
800 g of yogurt with 3.6% fat
4 packets of gelatin
5 tbsp caster sugar
fruit of your choice
1 Barbie doll (no legs)
Layered cake Barbie
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Rolls are cut into pieces of 1 cm. In a deep bowl is placed on it and nylon lining pieces roll, first at the bottom, and then lined the walls, so that the form of the bowl. Mix 500 ml cream with the sugar. Gelatin was dissolved by 14 tbsp water in a water bath and then mixed with the yogurt, was added thereto, and the broken cream and mix until a homogeneous mixture. With this mixture fill the empty space, optional put fruit into cubes. The rest of the roll ranks top lid. The finished cake is pressed from above with a plate and placed in a refrigerator for 4 hours. Then poured into a tray top is cut a little hole to put the doll and decorate as dress with remaining cream.
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31 Jul 2009


Little poizmenih products and performance, but was very good!

Very good performance! The dress of fondant you do?

From marzipan Varna made the dress. And inside - biscuits, cream-starch rolls. Quickly became, expecting to take me more time.

John, well done. Wonderful performance. I loved it.

This cake today received a surprise birthday for my daughter. Made it my friend John. Very much thank you Annie.

doll can be with clothes and feet (wrapped with household foil)

Yes, maybe so. I put her feet.

such cake promised to do one for my friend Dr. E. A daughter, cross your fingers, you get pictures.

Not zdarzhah and more this Sunday made cake in a cup of the child and therefore her mini Barbie, and upload photos, it was a great joy.

Not exactly what I was doing, but so quickly.

missed the gelatin into the cream and I leak, but it was a sample can feel where tankosta performance, though my daughter was pleased with that rosy.

Easy and impressive children and adults recipe!