Layered cake with chocolate cream

Submitted by enr on 26 Feb 2011
# For the bases:
1 cup flour
150 g ground walnuts
5 egg yolks +9
1 cup sugar
# For the cream:
500 g cream
500 g chocolate spread
# For syrup of the bases:
2 cup milk
# To decorate:
chocolate hearts or chocolate shapes poizbor
white and brown chocolate
Layered cake with chocolate cream
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Whip of snow with the sugar, then add the egg yolks. Then flour and the walnuts. The resulting mixture was divided into five. Bake in a baking dish with a diameter of 24 cm greased with butter and covered with baking paper and bake 5 the base one after another. Cream mix with the chocolate spread. The bases syrup with cold milk, cream and decorate optional. * For 9 yolk - may not be worn, I just stayed on the other cake.
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26 Feb 2011


STEFCHO again with an amazing cake appeared! Just by watching and having to swallow often often ... Bravo!

Great cake. It is very beautiful. Just for the chocolate lovers.

looks very tasty and soon will try to make it :)

Stefi, congratulations on the presented row beauty!

STEFCHO want to ask: how these 9 egg yolks so they can be removed without consequences? 9 egg yolks are more than 1 cup *Liquid*, *solder*. Do not become dry this mixture? Something I can not orient, please explain to me. And on the new cake: like all is very stylish, with your handwriting instantly recognizable.

Hello Aliana! Subject 9 yolk no problem. Does not feel dry, because then the latter must be syrupy. Then I made cake station and they remained so for me it immediately put them in this cake.

Thank you for the nice words :)

Thanks for the clarification :)

STEFCHO yesterday them OPEC latter must, but it took only 4 pieces (not a problem). I had no idea at what temperature and how long to roast them and drove to the eye, at 180 degrees about 20 minutes of blat. My cream will be white with white chocolate, if desired ordering the cake. Today will reassemble and tomorrow night should supply it. I hope I could photograph it and show it to you.

You have done great. Will wait for a photo. Good luck dear!

Here are the promised photos, just last night I sent them. In the cream at the last minute I had to put and strawberries - again in order :) Unfortunately, the cake is a bit *damaged*, touched her on the edge, which is also decorated and slightly crushed decoration. But it does not matter :) One piece also sent me last night, but honestly, I still I have not Qusay. The response was that it was very tasty, but very strengthened. Well let to reach more people;)

Raleigh very gentle and beautiful cake greeting. Stefi wonder that no comment and a thousand times I've seen beautiful cake I've done.

Rally your created a wonderful cake. Photos and cake are great.

Hey, girls. Amazing and inventive as you always. Will not list not to miss include one-all. I admire you most sincerely! Glad heart of all your creation!

Bravo, Aliana, great cake. It is very sweet :)

Again I used the latter must you. Universal are!

Aliana, very glad that you are the latter must not hit it. And you do amazing cakes. I admire you every time. Who can imagine it could. Bravo! ;)

Aliana, gorgeous cakes. This flower is very gentle. A bed - fun and original. Fabulous!

stefanka, very soft chocolate cake. I loved the rose. What is it made?

Hello Elti! Rose is made of fondant mixed with cocoa and then painted with gold paint sweet.

Thanks for the reply.

Many beautiful cake you did!

Thanks Reni! Today, my daughter has a birthday and loves chocolate cakes (by the way, and she says Rennie) much liked cake - surprise, for which I thank for the excellent Stefanka recipe :)

I forgot to write it tested :)

My son saw the cake and said he wants to do exactly the same (but completely) :) I naturally agreed with him ... :) Great to decorate it!

Looks great! May I ask what is decorated cake?

Thank you girls, the cake is decorated with chocolate chips and KitKat Pop Choc: D

Vilia, intrigued me with this chips, searched the net to find a brand, but surprising it turned out that a drop Shock says Shock and chips ... I did not find anything. Can you tell me how to say exactly or send me a link where you see the product can and personal. Thank you in advance :)

Rally, I added a photo of the package in the album *OTHER*, I hope you do the job :)

Ville, thank you very much! It turned out that I have never seen such a thing! Last night searched around the internet to order, but the delivery will come out of my very expensive, around € 10 one package :) And Kit Kat Pop Chok not here, at least not in stores for normal mortals;) And they, to try them, would cost 1, 66 € 5 package delivery :) great laughter :) I thought not worth ordering them, coming from someone BG can bring them to me :)

I BG-stores have not met such chips. In specialty stores you sell or can be found in any of the major food chains?

I bought it before the New Year by Kaufland, there were different flavors of hazelnut, orange and others.

Steph again your cake! For downstairs number 12: 6 bright with almonds, 6 dark cocoa, alternating and glued with cream of fresh raspberries. Upstairs number 9 hazelnut cake, sandwiched with hazelnut cream! As always - perfect! Thanks for the recipe :)

Oh, Rally made me SMILE! How did so perfect to make these sooo much cake (that and to arrange) :) its great master! A decoration has nothing to say, stylish and perfect as always!

Reni, thank you for the compliments cake was for my son and he liked it too :)! This cake recipe is perfect, it works quickly and easily, and it is of great importance for the good shape of the cake. Moreover, the latter must not crumble and it is easy to be cut in nice shape and be plastered to a great smoothness. Thank you once again, Rennie :)

Very soft and stylish! Is alive and well rozhdennika!

Thank you, Willie, and desires, and to praise :)

Rally, the cake is wonderful and the reason for making it too - you is alive and well and able young man in your life :)

Congratulations on the cake, elegance and beauty! Greetings and rozhdennika. To be aliveand healthy and follow your dreams!

Bonnie, Milka, thank you, darlings! :) I hope your wishes come true! Thank you for the nice words for the cake :)

Le le wonderful cake! I have no words! Happy Holidays from me. Health and luck birthday as well but my mom that made this jewel.

Steph, thank you for your good wishes to my son :) Glad you like the cake, though your cake are the main thing that gives it form :) I can only recommend you to try them with hazelnuts, while interest will get the recipe for hazelnut cream.

Thanks! Really try hazelnuts. And I want the recipe for hazelnut cream. :)

Here's the recipe, my dear: Лешников cream cake , if you do not have the opportunity to buy hazelnut mousse, put and how to make it: Лешников mousse

Thank you very much!

Stefanka, congratulations cake and picture!

Hello friends! Now I saw that my photo won first place. I want to thank all who have given their vote for the photo. Joyous day you wish.