Marinated bell peppers (hot-way)

Submitted by enr on 06 Oct 2014
1 kg bell peppers
optional - celery leaves
# For the marinade:
150 ml vinegar
150 ml sunflower oil
150 ml water
120 g sugar
1 / 2 tsp salt
1 bay leaf
5-6 peppercorns
optional - 2 grains allspice
Marinated bell peppers (hot-way)
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This quantity of the product is right for 4 jam jars (400 ml). First, prepare the jars. Wash very well. To be filled with pickles, caps and they must be heated to very hot. This happens in two ways: - placed in a container with water to cover them and it is heated almost to boiling; draw with a pinch, poured hot water and filled with sweet bell peppers; - dried, placed in the oven on the grid and heat until hot; * When working with jars should be used thick gloves because they are hot and burn. * For a faster closing of the filled jars is preferable to use jars with screw caps. Washed bell peppers cut into two, cleaned of stalk and seed and then cut in shares of larger or small parts. In a deep dish mix the ingredients for the marinade and once it boils add the bell. Initially sweet bell peppers are not covered by the marinade, but when it boils, they begin to soften, fall and sink into it. Here we should be monitored bells not cook much - no more than 15 minutes. Should remain slightly crunchy. For me the first time boil them more, maybe about 10 minutes and the latter had stayed longer after being recruited and were pozavehnali so 5-6 minutes they had enough. 1-2 minutes before removing from heat add the peeled garlic cloves and possibly celery leaves. In the hot jars, pour the hot bell peppers and pour hot marinade distributed equally in each jar. Immediately place the hot jars and lids are closed. Turn with the bottom side up and stay overnight, then harvested for storage.
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06 Oct 2014


very appetizing look, I want to try the recipe, but here I can not find bell peppers ... can ordinary red peppers?

Annie, you and other peppers, type *pepper* (i. E. Fleshy). I hope you find suitable. :)

thanks a lot, tillia, will try with towers. I want to plant a bell, but even seeds can not find and pop poslednya time I wore my seeds from Bulgaria took them outside ... do not allow to carry seeds for environmental reasons :(