Pork knuckle rustic

Submitted by enr on 25 Feb 2014
1 kg pork
1 kg onions (5-6 large heads)
300 g potatoes (1 large)
1 carrot
1 tbsp celery (maybe root)
1 tbsp paprika
salt, savory, black pepper
Pork knuckle rustic
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Boil shank. Then boned and cut into chunks. In a saucepan pour the broth in which you boiled shank and put the meat. Do not fill the pot to the brim, but half full. Put on the fire to boil again. In a deep bowl place the chopped freckles onions, potatoes cut into small cubes, carrot chopped or shredded, celery (if it is a root grate or chop in small pieces), black pepper, savory and paprika. Stir nice to mix products. Pour the chopped products in the pan, stir, Salt to taste and reduce the heat and simmer quietly, may cloud the lid, but be careful if strong fire can boil your eating. The dish is ready when the onion is softened nice and potatoes are fork-tender. If you can thicken the stew with 1 tbsp flour fuzzy with a little cold water slurries. * Once no freezers and when slaughtered pig bones and shanks were stored in strong brine in large vats to keep for a long time. When cooking shanks are first boiled in several waters throwing to desalinate bit shanks. Because the large amount of onions gives a sweet taste to dishes we cook them in this recipe and so was not felt that stood in salt water.
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25 Feb 2014