Russian chocolate cake

Submitted by enr on 24 Aug 2010
250 g butter
175 g sugar
175 g flour
125 g ground nuts
125 g of dark chocolate without sugar
75 ml vodka
50 g cocoa
5 eggs
2 tsp baking powder
# For glaze:
100 g of dark chocolate without sugar
75 g of powdered sugar
25 g cocoa
3 tbsp vodka
Russian chocolate cake
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Heat the oven to 190 C. The shape of the cake is oil and put the cold. Chocolate are melted in a water bath. Add the butter and mixed. Cocoa is dissolved in 175 ml boiling water. Flour, baking powder and ground nuts mixed. Eggs are broken foam, add sugar and stir to a creamy mixture. Add flour mixture and chocolate, cocoa dissolved and vodka. Mix until completely homogeneous and poured into the mold. Bake 40-45 minutes. Finished cake to cool in the form of 15-20 minutes. Then removed, placed on a wire rack and leave to cool completely. frosting, powdered sugar, 3 tbsp water and vodka are heated. Once boiling add the chocolate, stir and remove from heat. Add the broken chocolate and stir until thawing. The mixture was left for a while to cool and thicken. Cake, pour the glaze and allow to set.
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24 Aug 2010


so alluring looks so 4aR me feel like eating, the 6 came his turn to now to Favorites.

already in favorites but can you omit the vodka? Will change a lot of flavor without it?

can replace it with other alcohol. No alcohol will be Russian:-)

I did not realize that my family will try and like something made with alcohol but it turned out that they want to dress it again!

peta4e81 I'm glad you liked the cake. I hope that will upload photos:-)

Thank you for the great recipe! I added it into the favorite and immediately prepared cake-received cheers of his family ...

And can you dough to spread the shapes for muffins? And if so, how much will change the baking time?

Why form cake is placed in a cold, what is the purpose of this occupation?

Now I saw the question and answer instead of the author. As can be seen, the recipe is German site. German women namaznyavat forms soft, rendered butter. For this purpose use special rubber Blades that come in each concavity of the form. The mold is then placed in the cold, to solidify the oil and grease layer is not stable. Moreover, the baking is better walls to heat more slowly. So the sweet swell evenly, not caking on the edges, his environment to swell and cracked. I hope I've explained understandable :)