Sausage with egg oven

Submitted by enr on 10 Apr 2011
700 g thin sausage
7 eggs
300 ml tomato juice (or grated tomatoes 2)
3-4 onions
1 pepper
pinch savory
2-3 tbsp sunflower oil
Sausage with egg oven
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In a pan pour tomato juice, coarsely chopped onion, pepper, cut into cubes and savory. They shall bear the roll of sausage snails (snails took me 7). Bake until browned the sausage, then she turns to brown, and on the other side. Shortly before it is baked bump eggs (try to have on the sausage, but alas ... is slipped), and sprinkle with the oil. The dish remains in the oven for about 6-7 minutes, until ready eggs. For garnish perfect fries. * The original recipe has mushrooms, corn and olives, which are put to tomato juice and onion. I think that can be added products of your choice.
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10 Apr 2011
magazine. Culinary journal, issue 3, Emilia Evstatieva


interesting and tasty guess ai to favorites tomorrow. Today is beans :)

retseptichkata look easy. Put in favorites.

eggs can be fried poached separately and serving to put on the sausage to be secured. So I did. It is very tasty, we've already tried.

Milencha, your idea is good, I had not thought of that! Thank you all :)

I did not put pepper carrot.

Today I made this delicious meals, but this time I swapped chorizo ​​sausage ,, ,, Kamchia and added dock :)

Nice idea, except to begin shortly :)

sounds very tasty :) Bravo for the idea

It was very tasty, and I thought :) Eggs knocked them into shapes for eggs on the flat grill them zapekoh bottom after postegnaha moved them on sausage and zapekoha and above. I personally really like fried eggs. Nice recipe will definitely do another time :) Thanks!

seems quite tasty!

Nelly, play, but the result is excellent :) Desi, thank you!

Congratulations for the excellent recipe, just a pity that it saw it a little earlier, because today I bought a thin sausage, but it already prepared with onions and tomato sauce - like stew.

forgot evaluation :)