Strawberry tiramisu without alcohol

Submitted by enr on 08 Mar 2011
1 kg strawberries
500 g feta cheese Mascarpone
200 g whipped cream
200 g fat yogurt
160 g of powdered sugar
1 lemon
1 orange
400 g leydifingars, AMAREA, biscuits or other biscuits of this type
Strawberry tiramisu without alcohol
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Wash the strawberries and dry them. About half of the strawberries cut into small pieces, add freshly squeezed lemon juice, 60 g powder yahar and beat with a blender until a fine mash (mashed). The rest of the strawberries cut into slices and set aside. Mascarpone, yoghurt, the remaining powdered sugar and freshly squeezed orange juice is mixed by a mixer and to the resulting mixture was added a pre-broken cream. In a glass bowl (if you have one - whatever you have) started to queue chosen variety biscuits, then a layer of pureed strawberries, resulting Mascarpone cream and slices of strawberries. So to finish the products, taking ends with Mascarpone cream. For decoration, use your imagination. After preparation, leave for 1 hour in refrigerator. * In my recipe I used biscuits leydifingars. * Preparation time: 30 minutes. * Depending on the season tiramisu can be prepared with fresh raspberries or blackberries. In winter can use frozen fruit.
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08 Mar 2011


Bravo, Ico! Very original and fresh recipe. And shaping - super! Just for the holiday. I assume that your mate is very glad.

Congratulations from me, Christo :) I will certainly try soon :)

Very nice, fresh, light and delicious recipe (may detect some hidden symbolism;-). A postcard is great (I mean the photo):-) Thank you!

Great cake, Hristo bravo! I liked and I decided to join in the congratulations. Will prepare and I'll wait just a little occur Bulgarian fresh strawberries that these market now do not inspire confidence. In general, Hristo surprise us lately with very nice recipes and photographs of him - some such - inviting dishes to try. Once again - congratulations!

Bravo and me! I could not resist when I saw the pictures and read the recipe. Perfect is everything, and sooo delicious!

Thank you for laskaeshtite Comments! Aliana, half was fascinated :). lady_Lana, try you - stop there :). Elti, properly capture the symbolism: P. darina_kedikova, for strawberries have the right, but not the holiday came to my mind of another unfortunate that March 8 is not in July :). desislava_pm, such delicious meals will have to be restrained, that kaloriykite inside are not a few :) You have to try at all costs. I recommend it personally!

It was a sumptuous dessert, although swapped with mascarpone cheese philadelphia. Very quickly over and the picture is saved last piece of me :)

Very nice recipe, I made it with half of the products and did not become a little, just enough to see the dinner on Valentine's Day without overeat;)

and biscuits not you irrigate in advance, you do not stay dry? Or very mashed pelvis does work? :)