Submitted by enr on 14 Nov 2008
100 g pitted olives
50 g feta cheese
2 carrots pickled
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Carrots cut into circles, triangle cut out of each piece and place as the beak in half from the olives. The remaining olives are split and placed a piece of feta cheese. Each wheel carrot serves feet of penguin on it with a toothpick caught by olive with the feta cheese body. This top is threaded with carrot head.
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14 Nov 2008


Many original recipe!

Well done, Maggie! Great idea!

I was speechless. Incredibly beautiful and original! Will include it in the New Year appetizer! Bravo Maggie! Thank you from the heart!

And I thank you, I saw them a picture and decided to try. My son just play with them, but his sister ate them :)!

are great, but certainly a great toy.

It is not very large, but it is fun!

Well done, Maggie! Admiration for those Members! I suggest you put them on some *snow* drifts made of cheese with mayonnaise or Сръбска salad cheese . I will do so for Christmas.

Many are original, Maggie! Congratulations!

Thank you! Rather I was wondering whether to put them on the *snow* and finally left them to dry :)

Maggie thanks, they are great.

are great, just to sit and watch them. Congratulations from me. Well done.

Bravo, you must try them!

up my left eye in these penguins! Will necessarily make them, will try on, thanks for the idea. Are super!

I think it would be good to mention that the recipe is taken from the cook with me and Gabby. Pingvinchetata really are very original, but it is not nice when you hide the source and the recipe is assigned and referred to his own.

Pepolina saw them a picture that is not BG site, and no author who quote! Apparently, other experiments do like me! Sorry, but I have not visited this site!

Just to add, I saw this site, the picture is exactly the same, but without the signature of Gaby.

This photo of cook with me is taken from a Spanish site for cooking. Is not made by the author of the recipe, because of the photograph reads the name of the site. Nonetheless very original, but I do not think that all our recipes are personally :)

Thank you Tsure, at least I labored to make them :), but I have not wings that I have not invented me!

Maggie are great and I brought them just like real :)

Is not this the goal, but the olives were my little banging and only those able to *assemble*!

I just made a failed attempt! Ha ha ha! Everything disintegrated, disassemble and ...! Next time will try another variety olives.

And to me that I only survived because the olives were soft.

can tie scarves of pingvinchetata roasted pepper julienne of green.

Bravo Ivka, winter is a perfect accessory!

made them for Christmas and I robbed all points. Thank you very much for the original recipe. Bravo!

I am glad that you received!

Wow very original recipe is ideal for guests ..

bravo to you :)

Very sweet penguins! Already tried them. All love them and are glad :) Bravo Maggie. Thanks for the great idea!

magi like what you're doing, keep up the good work

you're just amazing ... the whole evening sitting and looking at the proposals you ... no words. Be still creative. Is this says -rakata woman.

Thank you Maggie! It was a pleasure for me and my children, to do those of sweet :) ...

Poizmachih, but they did these Members :) My carrot was fresh olives had hard obezkostih ... (such I): D and added their hats carrot for charm;)