Stuffed tomatoes with risotto

Submitted by enr on 23 Aug 2010
6 tomatoes (ripe, larger)
180 g rice
10-15 small field mushrooms (can and jar)
5-6 different types of olives pitted
pickled 5 small onions (shallots)
5 small pickles and carrots
1 handful of canned corn
boiled egg 1
1 marinated artichoke
1 handful chopped cheese
salt, pepper, oregano, a pinch of dry garlic
5-6 tbsp olive oil
50 ml white wine
Stuffed tomatoes with risotto
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Wash tomatoes and cut the caps. Carve them and leave them upside down to drain. Boil the rice al dente. Stir in the mushrooms, small marinated onions, corn, cucumbers, morkovchetata, olives, eggs nryazani in small pieces, also chopped artichokes and cheese. Mix well, season with salt, pepper and oregano. With this mixture fill the tomatoes, sandwiching them with lids and arrange in a baking dish and Salt with salt, dry garlic and oregano. Pour them with olive oil and wine. Bake about 45 minutes at 180 C.
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23 Aug 2010


Where is this recipe?

Hello, Aliana! The recipe is my own fiction, although it might exist, but other variations.

I think I've met such, surprised me, however, the presence of pickles in the stuffing:-) Otherwise I like the variety of products, especially artichokes, mmm ... Arborio you use, or happens with round rice?

As I told you, I'm sure there are many ways to fill the tomatoes, but I like a light food, not only because in this heat we are not to eat, but because I am diabetic and still look something so to cook. I actually easier to buy jars of pickled vegetables ready in case these were all I have listed in the recipe. But unfortunately because I do not live in Bulgaria do not know whether there exist the same things / I mean jars /. The same applies for rice do not know what rice you recommend I use this for risotto, perhaps arborio. If someone familiar can help you in the selection will be happy.

Thank you for the thorough answer:-) To tackle mix I have not seen, but individually I have everything here, and rice for risotto also have, I give them a try.

I had olives and onions, and put mushroom, was very tasty and light meal! Thanks for the recipe!

Hello, elito789!I am happy to hear that someone likes my recipe, and that someone is you.I must say that the recipe is my *creation* and can add whatever you want according to your taste, I only gave an idea.Thanks for rating!

Put another shot unless I put tomatoes and peppers in the pan, stuffed with the same mixture :)

Well done and what I've done. I was also put on the round and zucchini. I do not know whether they exist in Bulgaria, but also very tasty, like tomatoes, but actually zucchini.

Mine are in the oven now, tomatoes, peppers and eggplant:-) I will photograph them as they are ready.

Put in your favorites, liked me mostly because of the different variations that can be done!

THANK YOU girls! Give me an incentive to upload new petsepti as I see your comments. You are amazing!