Thai chicken with rice

Submitted by enr on 05 Oct 2010
400 g chicken
250 g jasmine rice or Basmati
1 carrot
2 sprigs fresh garlic
3-4 tbsp sunflower oil
1 tbsp curry
2 cubes chicken broth
1 bunch fresh coriander (parsley)
Thai chicken with rice
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Washed and dried chicken cut into large strips. Grate carrot in large pieces and garlic cut into small pieces. In a suitable container put the oil to heat and fry the garlic and carrots fine, add the chicken and fry for another 4-5 minutes, add curry powder and fry for 1 minute more. Insert rice, stir and add 750 ml hot water in which is dissolved chicken broth, put to salt and, if necessary, add salt. The dish is left on low heat until it absorbs the water - not to be confused. Maha from heat, cover with a towel, quickly replace the lid and leave for 15-20 minutes to choke. Serve sprinkled with chopped coriander or parsley.
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05 Oct 2010
Iv.Zvezdev BTV


Today he added a handful of cashews to fry with garlic and carrot, it was great-even I think that cashews can be made meatless version of the dish-will replace the chicken.

forget to add that vegetarian options with cashews can be used Vegetable broth soup.