Thracian trahana

Submitted by enr on 23 Jul 2010
1 liter of water
25 g yeast - fresh
2 kg peppers
flour as you take
Preparation of the crude product: The clean and sliced ​​peppers cooked in water then creased well. Packet yeast is activated by blurring a little lukewarm water, salt, a pinch of sugar and a little flour. Add the water and mashed peppers, add flour gradually and knead. When mixtures very well, let rest for three days. Then chopped fingers into small pieces, ranks in the sun on a clean surface and allowed to dry in the sun. When pozasahne is broken again, again, allowed to dry, after the second drying was ground with his hands. Sieved through a screen, to become quite fine trahana. Store in a dry cotton bags. Trahana usually prepared in the summer because there is sun and is great for breakfast during the cold winter days. Meals: handful trahana placed in a suitable vessel with two cups of water overnight to dissolve well. In the morning, put on the fire, add a little more water, depending on how thick you want to be, and boil. When cooking must be constantly stirring, lest there be in balls. A mash with a pleasant aroma. Boil to thicken slightly. Spills in bowls and usually shredded bread, add feta cheese and butter. Can be eaten with a spoon without bread. Especially tasty when served with pieces of leek.
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23 Jul 2010


Try and you will not regret, and very tasty rib.