Submitted by enr on 28 Jun 2009
400 g yogurt
4 eggs
300 g feta cheese
100 g cheese
40 g yeast
1 tbsp sunflower oil
sunflower oil
flour - about 1 kg
1 tsp salt
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Yeast crushed, add 1-2 tbsp yogurt, a little lukewarm water and a little flour. Make a poultice and leave in a warm place to rise. In a bowl, whisk the eggs, add the remaining yogurt rise slurries, salt, tablespoon sunflower oil and flour as necessary to make a soft dough. By kneading, the dough was divided into 4 pieces. The hob is smeared with sunflower oil and the first piece is spread and stretched with greased hands of a rectangular piece. Sprinkle with particulate feta cheese. In the same way others do and peel and put one over the other. The result is a thick rectangle is cut lengthwise into strips 4. Each bar is slightly twisted and stretched and wound in an oiled tray at a small distance from each other. In a pan with a diameter of 26 cm are placed two sheets, ie all products are produced with two trays banitsa. Leave in a warm place to rise. Bake on medium heat - about 180 C. As Constipation slightly above, in the distances between the sheets, put grated cheese and dopicha.
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28 Jun 2009
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Very interesting way of pie! BRAVO! Goes to Favorites!

Yes, really interesting!

In this way I was thinking about making :)

This is one of our favorite pies!

I do such a pie-cheese cake and we especially liked :)

I'm glad you like it. And easy to make.