Cigarette burek

Submitted by enr on 17 Dec 2009
400 g filo pastry sheets
# For the filling:
250-350 g feta cheese
4-5 eggs
1 bunch parsley
sunflower oil
Cigarette burek
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Cortices are spread and cut into triangles. Separate the whites of eggs mixed with crumbled feta cheese and chopped parsley. The resulting stuffing Spread triangular pieces of sheet, as the filling is placed in the base of the triangle. Before turning through tight rolls are tucked two corners to the filling does not leak. Smeared with beaten egg yolks and fry on both sides in the heated sunflower oil until golden. Can be served on yogurt and sprinkled with chopped parsley.
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17 Dec 2009


are very pretty ones

I am the rules them rectangles. But you have to fry immediately that otherwise abode with stuffing soft and fry more difficult. Otherwise delicious-especially warm :)

Super banichka goes to Favorites!

Oh I've tried. They are great :)

And you can not fry but only to bake in the oven

Yes, you can and bake in the oven :)

We'll certainly try

These days will try the recipe. I liked!

I like to try for breakfast on Tuesday and will write how it happened. But it will print. Bravo great recipe chicks. And applause for elito789 idea.

do them regularly for breakfast. For convenience there is now a triangular pastry ready.

use there that will try ... wow how I priyadat much as watching them :)

Today these byurecheta them prepared, but not divide the eggs. Beaten eggs, cheese and parsley, I turned them into small packets and izparzhih them. Were divine!
Next time will be more prepared!

I have just ate them .... very crispy and delicious ... are very fast, but do not overdo it with the oil ... fry with less fat .. and Bravo elite recipe

will try this recipe hope that shtse liked on my family

Favorite me!

There are some *Edirne peel* who have cut triangles, slightly thicker, as homemade pastry.Just take them and fill them with whatever came to my mind-jam, cheese, cheese, and other kremvirsh.At the bottom of the dish in which put the finished bedding 1-2plasta kitchen paper to robbery excess fat.

This is the easiest, fastest and most delicious banichka. Cheerful celebration of the New 2014 all culinary wizards!

BravoVery successful and delicious recipe

Very nice, quick and easy recipe! If peels are thicker before stuffing them put spread with a little milk. Do two types, one is in the recipe and the other stuffed with boiled potatoes, cheese, parsley, onion, pepper and paprika. Thanks for the good idea!