Bakery cake

Submitted by enr on 25 Oct 2012
1 hard kozunak (500 g)
350 ml instant coffee
1 tsp rum or cognac
# For the cream:
125 g butter
2 tbsp caster sugar
ground walnuts for sprinkling
1 cream dust without boiling to 300 ml liquid
bananas optional
The kozunak cut into thick slices (1.5 cm), ranks in the pan and pour cold instant coffee, which is Sipan rum or brandy. Prepare the cream according to package directions, add separately beaten with sugar soft butter. Mix both the cream and smeared on the kozunak, as between the cream and the kozunak can order the banana slices. The finished cake is sprinkled with ground walnuts and chocolate sprinkles.
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25 Oct 2012


May I have some more precise quantities of products - how much cake (in grams), packet butter 125g Is the package and cream powder for how many milliliters of fluid is or what the final amount to be received (at least roughly)?

cake 500 grams. 125 grams of butter and cream is a standard recipe of the package it is a

mimito1113, standard for you now. But even now there are different brands and weights, imagine after 5 years I will. Or if someone outside BG and creams are different. In order for anyone to successfully prepare recipe is good to have clarification on the amount of cream, which is derived from the final packaging.