Ezogelin - II type

Submitted by enr on 20 Jun 2014
150 g red lentils
150 g bulgur
2 onions
2 fleshy red peppers
200 g of tomato paste, thick
100 g butter
3 liters of vegetable broth or water
pepper, salt
crushed dried chillies
fresh mint
Ezogelin - II type
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Onions and peppers are finely chopped or grated. Stew (fry) in more than half of the butter. The bulgur and lentils, rinsed in a colander and add to the pot. Make the broth, put it tomato paste and chopped mint, and let simmer for about 30 minutes to cook the lentils. If necessary, that pipette more water. Soup should be thick, but not mashed. Season with freshly ground pepper and salt if needed. In the remaining butter fry chopped mint julienne and add to the soup. * This time I had fresh mint and put dry during cooking, and finally basil without Fry, which is also very suited, but the flavor of the original is different. * Finally, the soup is pureed, which also missed as the hand blender strike me, and I do not use of the channel-blender.
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20 Jun 2014