Meatballs red lentils Merdzhimek kyoftesi

Submitted by enr on 15 Oct 2010
1 cup red lentils
1 cup bulgur (of the finely milled)
1 tbsp chutney
1 bunch spring onions
black and red pepper, mint, salt
Meatballs red lentils Merdzhimek kyoftesi
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The lentils is boiled in 1 cup water and remove from heat. While hot lentils in it put the bulgur (crude), if all the water has evaporated, you can add a little boiling water and cover the pot. Leave so to swell the bulgur. It takes about two hours. Then add other products and knead nice. Then formed into fingers and are served each patty wrapped in lettuce leaves.
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15 Oct 2010


Not baked or fried at all?

No, boiled lentils, bulgur is soaked and does not require heat treatment adds. Do not despair if the first time does not become! Bulgur can not be taken depends on how much water-wholesale ground.

I put twice in boiling water and again I get dry mixture. Then I added more water and become very soft. While were were just warm shaped soft compound, but only as they lift and crestfallen. After a night in the fridge were much tighter. I think it is better to be served cold. Although they were very tasty and we ate quickly and with great pleasure :)

Of great importance is the groats will be used for the recipe. In original enjoys fine bulgur, which does not need cooking, it just swells. For me, the swelling lasts 15-20 minutes, since I use fine bulgur, located in Arab shops in the country. Instead chutney use concentrated tomato paste and separate valleys little tomato juice. It is after mixing color in all ingredients in a bowl to let it mature and to absorb spice flavors, about 30 min. In addition put more and a little cayenne pepper Ronen, flaked, for piquancy. Then begin shaping his fingers. With proper handling of the lentils and bulgur should get such density that allows shaping fingers, but not falling apart. Necessarily served cold with lemon juice. And the more you sit in a cool, the more delicious it becomes.