Parsley meatballs

Submitted by enr on 04 Mar 2012
4 large bunches of parsley
1 bunch spring onions
1 bunch dill
2 cloves pressed garlic
salt, pepper and nutmeg to taste
2 eggs
150 g crushed cow feta cheese
1/2 tsp dry yeast
20 g butter
Parsley meatballs
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Cut parsley, dill and onion. Sauté them in the butter briefly as to reduce its volume, but remain raw. Add the garlic and spices. Stir and allow the mixture to cool. The green mixture add eggs, yeast and flour so that you get a thick, sticky dough. Finally mix and the feta cheese and keep warm for 20 minutes to rise slightly mixture. With wet hands, shape into balls, roll them in flour and fry them in hot sunflower oil. Serve with milk - garlic sauce. I panicked them with oats, sesame seeds and breadcrumbs. All were very tasty. The recipe is taken from the site of Yoli.
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04 Mar 2012


wow, once watched cooking show in this recipe, write her, but I lost it ... here we already have it in favorite ....

This recipe already on the site and called Kaygan.

from Kade name ...

MIKO, in these unlike other has yeast, which to me makes them different taste

onion, dill and yeast are the differences in the two recipes before I let her examine all the parsley meatballs is I'm not new to not know.

Great served! Grabbed me at first sight! I've parsley meatballs but definitely will try yeast. This is something new and interesting.

Vesi I also watched the show, I did them and I liked cold from the refrigerator are also very tasty. Yoli is a very good cook but also an amazing musician.

are very vkusniiiiiiiiii ... but as buy fresh spinach and will try it.

This is an idea with spinach, with all The green are, will try.

Easy and delicious!

Very good idea! Maybe 2-3 vegetation types.

VERY delicious.